It’s June! What’s new? PART TWO!

I told you in my last post here, I’d be posting photos of my (Virtual) Walk to End ALS. Everything went off flawlessly. I even received some orders for fabric face masks at the last minute today. The $10.00 I ask for them is going straight to my ALS fundraising account.

So yes, I did head on down to my low-ceilinged, dark, dank basement amongst the boxes of Christmas decorations, the obsolete computer graveyard, etc. Didn’t see any wood (sow?) bugs or spiders though. It was a lucky day for a run on the treadmill.

Here is the proof!

I want to thank you all for indulging me and supporting my ALS fundraising efforts these past months.  Kind words, “likes” and “shares”, buying a mask from me, or donating, I thank you all!

Survived to run another year!

I’ve decided that I want to continue my fundraising efforts in 2021 with another ALS fundraising product in my Lányos Handmade Shop. What should it be? Any ideas? Leave me a comment!

In the meantime, Stay Safe!

2 thoughts on “It’s June! What’s new? PART TWO!

  1. Quick question. When running on your treadmill………are you running away from the spiders or are they running away from you? Nice masks, great idea for fundraising. I will give next years fundraising idea some thought and see if I can think of anything. Job well done all around.

    1. Ugh! I just ignore them, so they are probably/hopefully running away from me! Thank you!

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