2021 Sewing Plans?

I guarantee you that there is always a lot of wonderful planning on my part the beginning of every year!

This year I plan on finishing this #makenine.

Of course, I have said this before, more specifically January of 2019 here! when I posted THE EXACT SAME #makenine PHOTO.  This is how much I accomplished in two years …

I will pause for a moment while you have a great big belly laugh! 😉

I did finish my jean jacket (my favourite make!), an Islander Sewing Systems pattern I received with a Craftsy course long, long ago.

And this is how far I have gotten along with my jeans …


Seems like my January 2019 #makenine sewing plans ended up like a rabbit darting back and forth across the road in front of me.  Linda, can you FOCUS? 🙂  (I am not even going to mention 2020, that never happened!)

I very recently read a blog post by the talented Samina of Sew Everything Blog here! She was writing about “burnout”, a “stuffed closet” and “sewing wardrobe ninjas”.  It was a thought provoking post for me as I have probably been sewing for 45 years, give or take.  Go take a read of Samina’s blog!  I’ll wait until you come back!

Well I think I avoid “burnout” by being that rabbit running zig zags on that road.  Ya, I put things aside, but I do come back to them eventually (two years later?).  I also do many different things, all sewing still, from jeans to handbags, using different social media, from this blog to my YouTube and back again.  This year I even was on a podcast here!  That certainly invigorated my “sewjo”!  (Thanks for having me on JCVArtStudio from the dressing room)  I guess for me … “A change IS as good as a rest!”

“Stuffed closet”  Yes, guilty, except of course for that activewear that I wore out in 2020 and those undergarments that I have yet to learn how to sew.

I’m not even going to comment on the “sewing wardrobe ninjas”.  You are in a special, different, category than me.  You go, Girl!

Heck with it.  I will continue on.  I WILL finish the jeans (I need them and love how they are coming along), I WILL make the undergarments (time to learn something new!)  I WILL make the activewear (after spending 2020 at home it’s all worn out anyway and needs replacing soon or I will be wearing PJ’s 24 hours a day … hmmm….)

So moving on … 2021 Sewing Plans?

  • Start up my Stash Busting Count again.  When I was moving into my new sewing room, I dragged SIX bins, each large enough to hide a small child, across the hall. I did sort through it all and have a new total, which I shall be posting at the bottom, down there, again.
  • Get those two year old UFO’s finished.  I found a couple more, besides those much loved, half-done jeans.
  • Lányos Handmade has been asked to make a few bags for customers, so that will mean a few patterns this year too.  Any Pattern Testers out there?
  • And of course, there is the forever growing, forever amazing, Designin’ December Sewing Challenge here!  Our 2020 Designin’ December Sewists were all so fabulous!  I hope I see you, and any others, plus the incredibly generous sponsors again December 2021!

Don’t forget you can finish your Designer Copy anytime, just remember:

  • there is a deadline date the end of December, to  be announced.
  • on Instagram, hashtag #designindecember and tag/follow @nicedressthanksimadeit.
  • on this Blog, leave a comment for me here and follow this blog, “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!”
  • submit a Designer Original Photo with the designer’s name.
  • submit your Designer Copy Photo with a “human” wearing it.
  • only one entry in the vote per person.


What Challenges are you planning to do this month, next month, this year?

Happy Sewing!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT?  Nothing yet!  I have an estimate from last year of 125.8 meters left in the fabric stash.  Updated total coming soon!

And please excuse the gapping hole that seems to be appearing occasionally where a photo should be.  I am waffling on which WordPress theme I want to use and some of them are dropping my photos, even though behind the scenes I can see they are there!  Another thing to work on in 2021!


10 thoughts on “2021 Sewing Plans?

  1. I must honestly admit that my fav article of clothing, that you have created, is that jean jacket. Love the black/white contrast the best. Don’t go burning out, just remember that nothing has to be finished until the end of the year……….lots of time.

    1. Thank you! No burning out here – just zig zagging from one thing to another. Glad I have lots of year(s) to finish! 😉

  2. I am working on some UFO’s before starting anything brand new this year. I sewed a bunch of summer stuff last year, and I have no need of anything new, so it does get harder to choose something. I’ve decided to start by working on the fit of a Threads blouse pattern. I may make 2 or 3 of the same one, until I finally get it exactly the way I want it.

    1. A good plan! Those UFO’s can haunt you and there is no point in making a dozen things that don’t quite fit right! 😍

  3. Oh my gosh Linda where should I begin?

    I’ve read with delight your very relatable blog post and I can personally identify with it.

    I, too, am wanting to sew underwear in 2021.
    Interestingly enough, I have to make my own patterns or copy the outlines of my favorite sports bras and one of my favorite underwear by Hanes.

    I have been sewing ETSY Shop customers’ orders. I have projects lined up, thought out, planned out and sketched out, etc. I find myself working in spurts when sewing, because I am also a freelance writer and blogger, similar to you. Not in scope, of course, but in activity.

    If COVID-19 has taught me anything, it is mainly to slow down and not to worry about much of anything anymore. I’ve learned that life goes on and it will all work itself out. It will all be all right and if not, guess what?

    I guess it just won’t…
    and then we simply find out and go from there and keep moving on or not.

    Most things that we panic about or fret about, putting frantic deadlines to keep us productive. That’s all fine, well and good. I support that and I understand that.

    However, I don’t really worry if I have to update/alter my plans or deadlines have to be extended. I’ve noticed that the world still keeps turning and projects keep coming and going.

    We just keep living and pursuing and that’s the way that it often goes. It’s wonderful all the same. Whether we stick to every project or not, it’s all in the creative process. Something that we’re going to be doing anyway, so it matters not really.

    1. Exactly my thoughts, the January 2019 #makenine will get done when it gets done 😂 in the meantime, take care of yourself!

  4. You know the last thing you want is feeling like you “have to” do something, especially if it’s your passion. We “have to” work unless we retire. I think you should sew whatever your heart desires. This was a really good post. You had me giggling, especially with the rabbit metaphor. I had a great time having you on the podcast.

    1. I had a great time on your podcast too! Lots of fun, mixed in with some serious talk!

  5. I didn’t have a great big belly laugh, but a smile instead 😉.

    I haven never taken part in #makewhatever because frankly speaking I will change my mind as patterns come my way.

    1. 😁 you are just too much of a free spirit then to do #makewhatever! 😂 That’s ok! An audience and voters are appreciated too!

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