Designin’ December 2021 Here’s some more entries!

I’ve finished!

I ran out in the snow today to get my finished photos and found out my Designer Copy is actually quite warm. I’ll write a post in January about how I put it two pairs of denim jeans together to make a Designer Jacket … but in the meantime here is my Designer Original “BY WALID”. Remember I liked the style of the first jacket, but didn’t like the pink? I liked the repurposed denim instead.

Well, I’ve got the shawl collar and large buttons and the loose fit. I couldn’t do the hi-lo hem or I would lose my jeans “back” pockets which I sewed on the front! I was thinking of Sashiko stitching like on the Designer Originals but my layers were very thick. Instead I machine topstitched each denim piece with contrasting yellow thread to emphasize them and sewed white topstitching in rows on the front and the back. It was lots of fun! I’ll show you more when I post all the details in January … which isn’t that far away!

Remember … you have until Friday night, midnight, PST!

Here’s some more entries so far!

Kathy at Sewing etc., blog here


@seamracer and her blog here



I’m sure there will be some more tomorrow. If I get them soon enough I’ll post again. Otherwise … I’ll be back soon with the voting post!

Voting will be as soon as possible in January 2022 – deadline for entry December 31, 2021 at midnight PST. Anyone else want to join in? Let me know!

Back to business now! Be sure to “like” and “follow” our prize sponsors where ever you might find them!

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“Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”

Won’t you join the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Sewing Challenge? Start looking for your “Designer Original Inspiration Photo”!

Check out last year’s participants and prizes right here!

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What will inspire you? Remember Designer Vintage fashion is allowed, as is Designer Casual, AND Designer Handbags!  Good luck in your search!  

How to participate in the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Sewing Challenge and be eligible for prizes:

  • BLOG PARTICIPATION: Follow this blog and leave a comment that you’re joining in. Post a photo of your “Designer Original Inspiration Photo” with the Designer’s name and your finished “Designer Copy”, mentioning the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Sewing Challenge in your post with a link back here.
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  • For the final voting after DECEMBER 31st, voting will take place on my blog and on my Instagram, I will repost your “Designer Original Inspiration Photo” with the Designer’s name and your finished “Designer Copy”, with a link back to you. Votes will be counted from both my blog and my Instagram.

Only entries using these above methods will be entered into the Sewing Challenge and be voted on and eligible for prizes. Closing date for entries is 31st December 2021 Midnight PST.

We are always so grateful for the extremely generous Prize Sponsors. Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “Designin’ December 2021 Here’s some more entries!

  1. Your jacket looks great, Linda and cosy, too. It’s getting to be harder and harder to choose who to vote for. Good luck everyone.

    1. Thank you! We still have a few more coming in today that I’ll repost for a sneak peek too!

  2. Love your jacket, Linda! Delighted that it keeps you warm even, in the snow! Gonna be tough voting this year for sure – such great entries! All the best to everyone!!

    1. Thank you! It was a fun thing to make. Yes. It will be quite a sight to see all the lovelies together in one blog post! 😍

  3. I love your repurposed denim jacket!

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