Lányos Handmade Shop

Welcome to Lányos Handmade – my place for 100% handmade bags and accessories, and their PDF sewing patterns!

I’ve opened up this small Shop, located here: Lányos Handmade to share with you the joy of 100% handmade.

When I started my #RTWFast in 2015, there were still a few things I would purchase – socks, undergarments, handbags … It was the biggest joke amongst my friends to try to block my entry into the handbag shops, as I could never resist and usually ended up purchasing something … every time … that is, until I decided to make my next bag myself.

After a while of making my own bags, etc., my family started asking me to make bags for them too, and then friends, and then actual customers. It wasn’t long after that that a fellow sewist asked me if I had a PDF sewing pattern for my one of my bags. So I’ve opened my shop!

I’ll be selling my PDF sewing patterns and my 100% handmade bags and accessories, and perhaps even working with you to build a custom Bespoke Bag that fills all your dreams!! (Contact me!)

As I sew bags and accessories for customers, I’ll be adding the PDF sewing patterns for them to my shop. Stay in touch, maybe you’ll see a bag or pattern you like!

As a gift to celebrate the opening of my shop, I’d like to offer you a FREE PDF sewing pattern from Lányos Handmade: The Lányos Coffee©️ Purse. You can see my blog post on the Lányos Coffee© Purse here! And here’s some photos of one I just made:

My Lányos Gemma© Bag PDF sewing pattern has been released now and is for sale in my shop here. If you would like to read about the Gemma© Bag, I blogged about that lovely Bag here.

Be sure to follow the Shop Newsletter, “Bag News”, for Tips/Tricks, new bag or pattern announcements or SALES in my shop. There is a Newsletter signup over there now. Sign up so that you don’t miss a thing!

Please share your makes from my patterns with us either on your blog, giving credit to Lányos Handmade, on Instagram hashtag #lanyoshandmade, or on Facebook at Lányos Handmade. I’d love to see your Lányos Handmade!

Cheers 🥂 to my new Shop and to our long and friendly relationship!

Any questions or comments regarding my PDF sewing patterns, my 100% handmade bags or accessories, or requests for Bespoke Bags, please head over to the Shop and fill out the “Contact” form. I’ll get right back to you!

Happy Sewing!

  • Post edited July 3, 2019