Another fundraising project for me!

I’ve added a new PDF sewing pattern to the Lányos Handmade Shop, something that is so practical and necessary it is in every household!

Say Hello! to the Luxe II Laptop Case PDF sewing pattern!

I sewed up all the pattern options!. Here’s the Luxe II Laptop Case only.

The Luxe II Laptop Case with a handle, and this one I made for a larger laptop too!

The Luxe II Laptop Case with a handle and inner zipper pocket, in a different size again!

and the maxed out Luxe II Laptop Case with an inner zipper pocket, outer zipper pocket, handle and removable adjustable shoulder strap.

Since I planned on making a few, I dug out lots of hardware finishes – gold, silver, bronze, black matte and gunmetal. What are your favourites?

Have a look at this brass “Handmade” zipper pull and these black matte zipper pulls! I love choices! 🙂

The Luxe II is a beginner friendly and domestic sewing machine friendly pattern that comes with detailed instructions and over 50 large colour photographs of every step, including:
Instructions for making it for any size laptop,
Imperial and Metric measurements,
A4 and US print files,
a YouTube video for sewing along,
and something new to Lányos Handmade … A0 copy shop and PROJECTOR files!

THE GOOD NEWS IS … to celebrate the new pattern release, every Lányos Handmade pattern is on SALE until Monday midnight PST! I’ve extended the SALE, just to give my Blogging Peeps a chance to browse! Here’s the link to the Luxe II Laptop Case, but check out all the patterns that are on sale in the Shop too!

THE BEST NEWS OF ALL IS THE FUNDRAISING! ALL sale proceeds from the Luxe II Laptop Case PDF sewing pattern will always be donated to the ALS Society of BC to help with patient service programs and research – a very important cause in our family.

Thank you for your continued support of Lányos Handmade’s fundraising activities!

Happy Sewing!

4 thoughts on “Another fundraising project for me!

  1. These laptop cases look great. I like all the different fabrics and the hardware.

    1. Thank you! I really enjoy working with the different fabrics etc. 😁

  2. Hi Linda,

    Another show of your fine workmanship!

    These laptop cases hit all the marks:
    They’re practical, versatile & beautiful!

    I’m also curious if they can be made of faux leather or suede-like materials. I suppose so with a #14 or #16 sewing machine needle & a heavy duty machine.

    Incidentally, I pulled out the PHAFF sewing machine this weekend to get a feel for what it can do.
    I tell you, it’s one capable machine!

    Thank you for your inspiring posts!

    1. Glad your PHAFF is working. The testers did make this pattern with vinyl, but I haven’t seen any suede ones yet. I used a domestic heavy duty machine and a #14 jeans needle for mine.

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