Well, that was boring …

but unfortunately, necessary.

A friend/co-worker was complaining last week that she had to give a few of her clothes away as they did not fit properly anymore.  I agreed.  I must have three or four pairs of pants that are now too big.  She scolded me, “… after all, you sew your own clothes … you can fix them” she declared.

oops!  I am shamed!

So I dredged through my closet and my drawers and found what doesn’t fit anymore and yes there are four pairs of pants that needed to be taken in, another pair with a broken zipper and another that needs hemming still (I guess that one is in the UFO category actually!)

So what did I do this last weekend … I did the alterations on my pants.  BOORRRING!

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Giving it another go …

I started the year with the #2017makenine Challenge – pick nine patterns and get ‘er done during the year!  So far, I am not too sure if I have been successful though.  I started with the dress pattern in the bottom left hand corner.  It was Vogue 9202, but it turned into a top, McCalls 6896 – actually rather successfully!

Last weekend I started my second garment of the #2017makenine Challenge.  Pants/trousers in the middle row, left side – Vogue 7881, described as “Claire Shaeffer Custom Couture Collection”.  How’s it going?

Well I took a good look at that pants pattern again and decided that I wanted to forgo the “couture” techniques just for now – I just don’t have the interest or energy!  I just want some pants, quickly, like now.  So I switched to another pants pattern of mine, Vogue V2532.  A simple pattern – fronts, backs, pockets and waistband – described as a “basic design”.

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In a panic for pants (trousers)!

Hello again!  Here I am!  The real thing!

My RTW Fast year is close to ending and I am still filling in the gaps in my handmade wardrobe.  There is still time left to sew up some pants for myself though – I would love to have a pair of black, blue and brown pants suitable for work.

So to recap… You’ve seen my pattern, Vogue V2948.  It has princess seams front and back and a curved waistband.  It is fantastic for alterations…

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What I did on my summer vacation. (Part II)

… just a hint … it involved a LOT of butt gazing!

The first (and last) time I sewed myself a pair of pants (trousers) was when I was in grade 8.  It was a tunic top and hipster/bell bottom pants, sort of like this pattern, made of PINK 100% polyester (the heavy stuff).

Those pants either “goosed” me when I walked or gave me “plumber’s crack” when I sat down.  I was at least lucky that the tunic top covered all my mistakes! Continue reading

Salvage operations…

After sewing my Motor City Express jacket for possibly the whole of last month, I decided to tackle the small projects lying around next.  Mending, shortening Mr. G.T.’s shirt sleeves from long to elbow length, and salvaging a few garments that I have made but don’t wear.  Like many I have had a few Me Mades that turned out perfectly fine, BUT were not perfectly fine on me. Continue reading

More studying! … Pants Fitting Shell …

I know, it’s been a long project!  In October I made my Bodice Fitting Shell and in January I made my Skirt Fitting Shell.  Finally, I have finished my Pants Fitting Shell.

Like before, again I had the help of a Craftsy course – this time Pants Fitting Techniques by Sandra Betzina and her Vogue Pattern 2948.  I tried the pattern twice, first as is, with the centre front and back seams, and the second time without the centre front and back seams, making a one piece front and a one piece back.  I had different results with both.

I used my cotton gingham fabric again, although it was a bit stiff to be used as pants material.  I hope to make any other pants using this technique/pattern with a fabric that has a better drape.

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More studying! … Skirt Fitting Shell …

It’s not really my first garment of 2015, I certainly wouldn’t wear it outside the house, but it is a really important one.  A while ago I measured and drafted my Bodice Fitting Shell from Vogue pattern V1004.

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

During my time off work over Christmas, I continued with my studies using my Craftsy courses “Fast-Track Fitting” and “Fast-Track Fitting: In The Details” and my new book “Create the Perfect Fit” all by Joi Mahon.

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Quiet Please! Studying in Session!

I have definitely been busy, not sewing, but studying.  I have been working on my Bodice fitting shell!  When done, I hope to use it as a guide for fitting other patterns or even, some day, designing some patterns for myself!

"Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!"

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

A while back, I bought myself the Craftsy courses “Fast-Track Fitting” and “Fast-Track Fitting: In The Details” by Joi Mahon.  I was excited to work on improving my pattern fitting.  I liked these two courses so much I bought Joi Mahon’s book “Create the Perfect Fit“.  Although I like watching videos of “how-to”, when it comes down to doing it, I like having a book or instructions to refer to as I measure, cut and sew.  Flipping pages back and forth just makes me feel like I have something solid in my hands.

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Only my second “up cycle”!

I was asked by a friend to fix up a set of curtains for her.  She had 3 panels of store bought drapes with large grommets at the top for a rod to pass through and she wanted them changed to 2 wider panels of drapes, wide enough to cover her window, with some fullness, with a casing and header on top instead, and the length shortened too.  No problem!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

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My quick fix and I am really happy with it!

Yesterday’s post resulted in a lovely blue cardigan, McCall’s M6802 ….. that needed some improvement.

IMG_0728 IMG_0730

The pattern instructions suggest to leave the bottom and collar edge rough or to hem the bottom and collar edge up as usual.  The problem with that is the bottom hem continues up into the collar hem, which then flops around to show the wrong side of the hemming.  Something I do not like.

So I purchased some wide foldover broadcloth to cover the edges (it looked just like double fold bias tape) and some single fold bias tape to cover the inside seams that might show with movement.


They were so easy and quick to sew on!

image image

The finished look, beautiful edges and covered seams inside.image

Finished!  and I am really happy with it!  I think I shall wear it to work tomorrow!