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My first “up cycle”?

My sister's co-worker is traveling to Mexico very soon to avoid our rainy winter - the rain just goes on and on and on...  She asked my sister if I would be willing to sew her "tankini" for her before she leaves.  Sure, I love a new project! What we have here is her tankini top… Continue reading My first “up cycle”?

1000 Things to Do with a Sewing Machine, Sewing

Did I do okay?

Ever since my first sewing project with a purchased pattern, I have been cutting out all my pattern pieces to my size.  When I gained weight, I threw out all my old patterns that were cut out to a size too small, and eventually replaced them with new patterns which I cut out to my… Continue reading Did I do okay?

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Christmas all over again!

I have bought myself a wonderful after-Christmas present. How to use, adapt, and design sewing patterns, by Lee Hollahan I love reading books on the bus during my long commute to and from work. (If you can't do it, ya might as well be reading about it!). The table of contents looks loaded with "how… Continue reading Christmas all over again!

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Hello Dolly!

Well my Happy Day has arrived! On the weekend I picked up "Dolly" from the post office! I was so excited I quickly slit open the box and hauled yet another box out! Hmm... Is it called "foreshadowing" when the box tells you "Dressmaking made easy"?  Sounds ominous to me! As you can see, the… Continue reading Hello Dolly!