A man who talks…

Sewing, for me, is quite a long involved process, pulling my sewing machine table and my equipment boxes and my project box out of the closet, setting everything up, hunting down that comfortable chair, fending off two cats, and the family … and all those other interruptions. Then afterwards packing it all up and putting it all away again.

Then my daughter moved out and I had that extra room, and I could shut the door and spread out – way way out – it was a heavenly room – even without much furniture!

Then four months later she moved back. Back into the closet I went. I had been spoiled rotten! (But it is so lovely to have you back again, Darling!)

So the other day I decided to cut out a couple of my favourite shirt patterns. I think I showed them to you already, but here they are again…..


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Hello Dolly!

Well my Happy Day has arrived! On the weekend I picked up “Dolly” from the post office! I was so excited I quickly slit open the box and hauled yet another box out! Hmm… Is it called “foreshadowing” when the box tells you “Dressmaking made easy”?  Sounds ominous to me!


Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

As you can see, the cats were excited too! I see Simon (fluffy grey in the rear of the photo) but Where is Sophie Waldo?


Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

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Your person is in the mail.

I got a text from home when I was at work today.  It simply said “Your person is in the mail”.

It took me a minute to understand, but then it gave me a big SMILE.  It meant my “Dritz:  My Double Deluxe” dress form had arrived at the post office!  Alas I would have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up.

For the rest of the day I would have to imagine my new life with “Dolly”.  I could dress her up and plop her in my chair at work and spend the day in the coffee shop downstairs with my book!  Who cares if she never spoke to anyone or answered the phone or even moved or even had a head/face!  Maybe they wouldn’t notice!  Or I could dress her up and put her in the passenger seat of my car during rush hour and dash to and from work in the HOV lane!  Maybe they wouldn’t notice?

Or… Maybe… I could calmly pry open the box, read the instructions, assemble it, take my exact measurements and make the exact adjustments and create for myself a lovely, well fitted wardrobe!  Maybe they would notice! I certainly would!

Stay tuned…