Let me talk about new toys…

For as long as I can remember, I have been sewing in my invisible zippers with a Singer Zipper foot that fits on my Janome sewing machine (below right).  It bounces around a bit, but it’s ok.  A few months ago I purchased this “Unique” brand package.  A plastic Zipper Foot with a variety of shanks to fit any machine – supposedly useful for sewing in invisible zippers!  Sorry… I found using my Singer Zipper foot to be more accurate.


I recently decided that it was time to splurge.  After searching for a Janome Invisible Zipper foot – only to discover there was no such thing – I found a Janome Concealed Zipper foot… and I bought it, despite it’s silly name!

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First indecision, then certainty!

It’s time to show you my finished dress that I started posting about here!  I missed the deadline for The Monthly Stitch, but I was able to enter my dress in Patternreview’s Pattern Stash contest.  Don’t you just love sewing under pressure?

I used an old pattern from my stash – Butterick B4598.  I cannot find it on the Butterick website, it must be old.  I chose the view with the round neckline and the short sleeves, then I took more liberties with the pattern (surprise, surprise).  I didn’t have any linen in my stash so I used a black and white Barcelona (95% polyester and 5% spandex) and a black Ponte de Roma (72% polyester and 28% rayon).  The polyester/rayon didn’t have as much stretch as the polyester/spandex, but they looked well together.

I have gotten into the habit of writing down the name, fabric content and cleaning instructions when I buy fabric.  After spending almost all my life roaming through fabric stores and dragging my hand over the material to decide what I wanted, I am not comfortable with buying on-line.  It’s very difficult to touch the fabric on-line!  So, if I have an idea what a Ponte de Roma (72% polyester and 28% rayon) feels and hangs like because I have bought it before and still have a sample and notes on it, I will be happy to buy something similar on-line in the future!

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