What I did on my summer vacation. (Part II)

… just a hint … it involved a LOT of butt gazing!

The first (and last) time I sewed myself a pair of pants (trousers) was when I was in grade 8.  It was a tunic top and hipster/bell bottom pants, sort of like this pattern, made of PINK 100% polyester (the heavy stuff).

Those pants either “goosed” me when I walked or gave me “plumber’s crack” when I sat down.  I was at least lucky that the tunic top covered all my mistakes! Continue reading

Hello Dolly!

Well my Happy Day has arrived! On the weekend I picked up “Dolly” from the post office! I was so excited I quickly slit open the box and hauled yet another box out! Hmm… Is it called “foreshadowing” when the box tells you “Dressmaking made easy”?  Sounds ominous to me!


Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

As you can see, the cats were excited too! I see Simon (fluffy grey in the rear of the photo) but Where is Sophie Waldo?


Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

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