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For the past few weeks I have been working on my Islander Sewing Systems, “MotorCity Express jacket“. I received this pattern when I purchased the Craftsy course “Sew Better, Sew Faster: Smart Construction“.  

I have worked on the facings and lining layer, my sleeve gusset zippers and zipper pockets, and last week my fashion fabric layer

This week I bagged the lining!  I have, sort of, bagged linings before.  But this pattern had a final step for the sleeve layers that I have never done before, one that made for less hand sewing and more machine sewing – always a bonus!

My lining and fashion fabric layers were completed.  I did sew some shoulder pads in as I thought the shoulder seams sat better with the padding.  I double checked that my lining layer side seam had not been completely sewn shut – that is where I am going to pull my jacket through to turn it right side out.  

I sewed my two layers together at the hem, right sides together.

I sewed together my two layers, right sides together, along the two front edges and the neckline.  Remembering to use my zipper foot on the front edge that contained the zipper.  I slid one layer of my sleeve into the other and pinned them together to keep them out of the way.

Clipped my four corners to reduce bulk and slipped my hand inside my side seam opening to grab one corner at a time and gently pull it through the hole.

After pulling all my corners through I had my jacket lying flat with the wrong sides together.  In this photo you can see the opening in the side seam of the lining.  You can also see a small hole in the front inside where the facing and the lining meet.  The pattern had proper instructions on how to sew this area to close the hole before you pull the jacket through… but I literally gave up on reading the pattern instructions at this point and decided to pull my jacket through and hand sew the small area closed instead.  Maybe someone else will have better luck understanding the instructions and diagram to close this hole, but I was just too anxious to get the job done and knew that I could hand sew the hole afterwards!

Now when it came to the sleeves, I did really read the instructions carefully.  I have bagged a lining before, but not sleeves.  Usually I just hand sew the sleeve layers together afterwards.  This time I did as instructed.  I pinned the sleeve hems lining up the seams.  Then I pulled the sleeves through my side seam opening and re-pinned them carefully, this time right sides together, ensuring that the seams were still lined up.  After sewing the two layers together, I pulled the sleeves back through the side seam opening and it worked!

Finished MotorCity Express jacket – just needs some hand sewing on the side seam to close it up!

We had the weirdest weather today – beautiful sunshine, thunder and pouring rain, then sunshine again.  I took advantage of the sun to take these photos.  Too bad I was wearing a Tee shirt and yoga pants and pink fuzzy slippers with my MotorCity Express Jacket!  Islander Sewing has come up with a lovely jacket pattern.  I like it just as much as their previous jacket pattern, the  Jacket Express!  (And, as usual, no one is paying me to say that!)

So what is my next project?  Well… my family has been neglected.  Mr. Green Thumb wants the long sleeves on three shirts shortened.  My Lovely Daughter wants a button sewn on.  I need new elastic put in a skirt.  Thrilling, huh?  What are you up to?

Happy Sewing!

41 thoughts on “Learning something new…

  1. Immaculate! Such a good fit across your shoulders and wild lining. Love it!

    1. Thank you! It’s the first time I’ve ever used a wild lining. I was always told to match my fashion fabric colour. It’s more fun this way!

  2. Well done! I have that in the heap waiting for attention, but I keep looking at the design and wondering if it is quite what I want. Yours looks good so I may just try it.

    1. Thank you? It is a nice style. The pattern came with an insert though that explained again which zipper length went on which front edge, just in case she was confusing the first time she explained it. So I thought it was interesting that they had to say it twice. But better for them to explain twice, than sewist to get it wrong from misunderstanding.

      1. I did the other course (jeans style jacket) and she was very good. I keep wondering if I want a collar on this. Yours looks great, and very feminine. I think you have convinced me to try it 😃

        1. I’ve done the jeans one too. I really liked it too. I still wear it. This is the first time I have had a jacket without a collar. Something new! Good luck with your project!

  3. such an awesome jacket – I really love this style and have been looking out for a pattern quite similar to this! the lining is really cool too adds so much fun 🙂

    1. Thank you! There are a few of these out there. I did like her’s very much though!

  4. Lovely jacket, and fabulous lining – congratulations! Have always wondered about getting sleeves bagged, and thi explains how they do it – Thank You!

    1. Thank you. This is the first time I’ve done the sleeves too. I couldn’t have done it without proper instructions. Hope it helps some!

      1. Yes, thank you!

  5. Gorgeous! All those zips turned out so nicely, the stripey contrast is sweet, that lining! I think I love everything about it.

    1. Thank you. I’ve learned a lot with this one… And definitely gotten over my fear of cutting into fashion fabric putting those zippers in!

  6. Too cool! Looking at the pictures I know I would have sewn the sleeves shut. It looks really good on you. I LOVE the zippers! 👍

    1. Thank you! Yes, I read the instructions very carefully!

  7. Gorgeous jacket! The fabric you chose looks so versatile, I’m sure you’ll have many chances to wear it. I’ve been watching your project with interest as I love that style! Not only does it fit your perfectly, but you survived the challenge posed by those zippers! Maybe I’ll find the nerve to do the same soon. Right now, my sewing table is a bit backed up. I’m finishing a couple of projects that stalled when I ran into some unforeseen challenges that I lacked the patience to deal with at the time. Now, I’m in the mood to finish them.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I agree, you always have to be in the right mood for the big projects. Now I have to find something simpler to “rest” my brain! I think Mr. G.T. would like to be able to talk to me again too! 😄

  8. This is a great piece of work Linda. It is so refreshing to see a motor bike jacket in white (or colour) rather than predictable black. I haven’t done a bagged out lining for a long time, and would certainly need some clear instructions. You work is amazing.

    1. Gee, thanks! I could never, honestly, make or wear too much black. I know this beige colour with go with lots of my clothes!

  9. Very very nice work in this jacket. You have nailed the fit beautifully. Great inspiration to work on jackets!

    1. Thank you! With the weather here it is quite common to need a jacket in the morning, but not the afternoon.

  10. well done Linda, it fits you so well and looks great on you. I like also this way of attaching the lining on the sleave, it’s one of the few things I learned at my trench coat class. enjoy you new make!!!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad I finally learned what to do with the sleeves. I used to “bag” the body and then hand sew the sleeve hems. Thanks for reading/commenting!

  11. Gosh, it looks complicated – but what a triumph!

    1. Thank you! Like any big project, I take it in steps, even have a break if I need to. I am really happy with the finished jacket!

  12. Ohh, you look fantastic! Great jacket, the lining is so cool!

    1. Thank you! It was a big project, But I’m happy with it.

  13. I love the way you describe this process–you “bagged it”. Kinda like bagging a moose but more satisfying. Not that I’ve ever bagged a moose or ever want to. 😉
    Nice job Linda.

    1. Well Thank you! I’ve never bagged anything myself, but I’m happy I got this one right! (I don’t know where the term bagging came from in sewing, but I can tell you when I was turning my jacket inside out, it didn’t look like a jacket, but more like a bag of fabric… Just a guess… Does anyone else know?)

  14. Just fabulous. Love that lining. A really special jacket, beautiful work.

  15. Looks great on. Love your choice of fabrics. Now if you lived here you could be wearing it every day – with a brolly in your bag of course!

    1. Thank you! I am quite happy how it turned out. It has been so warm and dry the past three months, we have forrest fires! 😟 very usual for us!

      1. I was about to like that then realised forest fires are actually very scary!

        1. Most of these are in the cabin areas near us. Far enough away for us to not worry. But it has been an usual summer. Don’t worry, I “like” on here and on Facebook all the time… Kind of a “I’m hearing you” button!

  16. My patience would have been put to the test with all the zippers but you did a fabulous job. The bagging, well, I can remember reading instructions to do with that years ago and let me tell you I read them more the once. I think there may even have been a little “unpicking” involved. Beautiful job.

    1. Thank you! I’m still not sure how the sleeves worked out. I just did what I was told! 😀

  17. This looks really good. It looks like it’s professionally made!

    1. Oh! Thank you! It is my new favourite now!

  18. You go girl!

    I know this technique is not rocket science, but for the life of me right this sec I’ll have to re-read it with less running through my mind. I love, love this jacket on you, the fabric, the fit . . . WOWsers.



    P.S. Let me know if you need to adopt a sister from another mother to come live with you over there. I’m available. So pretty.

    1. Haha perhaps it’s the way I explain it! Na, I don’t know about being sisters with you cause I think you just want to borrow my clothes!! Fess up!! 😂

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