Vintage pattern No. 4

Yes, I am almost finished my “Sister’s Sewing Projects”.  I have finished her last skirt and am working on her matching shirt/jacket.  We are going to have to go out and buy you more fabric soon, Sis!  

I haven’t abandoned Jungle January 5.  I’ve still got some sewing to do on my second Jungle January 5 animal print – a dress – but I have put that aside for a couple of days.  We need some distance between us … Let’s just say the Jungle is not big enough for the two of us at the moment!

My sister’s favourite skirt pattern is McCall’s 4408.  I have made this pattern for her before … a few times.


here, The Snake Skin

here, Picasso’s flowers

and here, The Clark Gable

Here I go again!  

There is something relaxing about doing the same pattern a few times.  My Jungle January 5 animal print is fighting with me but this fabric and pattern just fell together.  They are both a 97% cotton / 3% spandex.  I had to be careful to use the white print with the flower stems vertically only though.  The print has delicate blue flowers and green leaves on it but it also has patches of tiny print… like newsprint.


I pinned and sewed in the inset of contrasting white print fabric, the pleats and the pocket fronts.


After I sewed the pockets on the back I sewed the front and back together.


I attached the waistband and sewed the waistband casing for the elastic …


and ran the elastic through.


I sewed a hem tape on the bottom edge so I could hand sew up the hem afterwards.  If this fabric was a print I might of machine stitched the hem, but with the solid colour the machine stitching would show too much on the right side.


This is the type of hem that I later – when I am rushing to get to work in the morning – catch my toe in and rip the hem down in the process, also causing me to fall flat on my face.  Just a typical morning catastrophe!

Finished skirt … with pockets!  Looks like it could do with some serious pressing though!




The last shot.  I actually managed to blog about a Sister’s Sewing Project garment after I had a photo of my Sister wearing it!  I asked her if she minded if I used a “head shot” or would she prefer I cut her head off.  She was easy with either choice … so I compromised …  What are sisters for after all?


Love the outfit, Sis!  (You ironed it!)

I just realized that I haven’t got a name for this skirt yet.  What should we call it?

Now back to the Jungle to wrestle that animal print into submission!

Happy Sewing!



18 thoughts on “Vintage pattern No. 4

  1. I love the shape of the skirts!!!

    1. She says they are very comfortable!

  2. I agree! There is something so satisfying about making a pattern you know and love, especially when another project isn’t cooperating. Those skirts are all so cute! No wonder your sister loves you: Sorry you’re fighting with the jungle right now, but can’t wait to see the finished result.

    1. Thanks, I thought about it last night before falling asleep and this morning when I got up, as I do, and I think I can change my Jungle January so it works and I like it. So I’ll be back at it again tonight! I’m so stubborn! 😂

  3. This skirt could be “Classy Lassie” and as it suits many figures and with an elastic waistband…feels good all day no matter where you work. Your sister is so lucky!

    1. There you go! That name seems like a good fit to me! 😂

  4. Lucky sister to have such a fab collection of skirts

    1. She pays me with fabric! 😂. It’s a good deal!

  5. This is such a pretty pretty skirt. I like the contrast. Your sister models it well.

    1. She always picks the right style for herself!

  6. I have no idea what you should call the skirt but both it and your sister (who is also my sister) look beautiful!

  7. Once again I have a lovely outfit. You do wonders and the contrast idea, which I must admit was yours, worked wonderfully. I can hardly wait for spring/summer when I can wear the shirt/jacket with the skirt. As for the jungle print, wrestle it into submission I know it will be lovely when you are done.

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to see the two together either. You’ll have to send us another photo then! I think I have wrangled my animal print into submission… Well I have an idea anyway!

  8. That is a great skirt. I love the fabric insert. It really makes that gorgeous blue pop. I hope that you manage to tame your dress and get back on speaking terms with it again. Your first make was gorgeous. Xx

    1. Thank you for the compliments! That blue was very difficult to photograph but I think I chose the shots that best represented it. My Jungle January is back on track again after a few hiccups!

  9. I think I’ve said it before, but your sister really is lucky! Well luckier than mine who has one Coco. She keeps asking for more, but I am being mean by not getting round to it? She has a sewing machine, maybe I’ll buy her the pattern for her birthday so she has her own! Maybe you could call the skirt lucky! 😀

    1. Yes my sister is lucky! And perhaps that is what I should call the skirt too! I find I can turn my brain off a bit when I am sewing for her. Since she used to sew lovely garments herself she can give me the pattern, the fabric and all the specs and all I have to do is blindly follow… not think! It’s nice to just sew and not think sometimes!

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