Picasso’s flowers.

Picasso’s flowers.

This is my second garment in my Sister’s Sewing Projects.  A skirt we call Picasso’s flowers.  When you plan on making three skirts and four dresses for you sister, you better be really organized – patterns, fabrics, notions, etc. – so from the start we gave all the fabrics names.  Now although this 100% polyester fabric is quite lovely, it is out-shined by the real Master …

Petit Fleurs by Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973

My sister asked that I use her favourite skirt pattern, McCall’s 4408, a 1989 vintage pattern.

I did the box pleats as usual, carefully measuring and folding the fabric.

My sister asked for an elastic waistband in the back only and she wanted two rows of narrow elastic, not one row of wide elastic.  This time I thought of a different method than the last skirt.  I sewed the waistband front and back together and on to the skirt as usual and folded it to the inside.

I edge stitched the waistband all the way around the top edge, both front and back, with my blind hem foot, and I sewed one row in the middle of the waistband on the back piece for the first casing. 

I edge stitched again on the bottom of the back waistband piece to complete the second casing.

The two narrow elastics were pulled through their back casings and secured with safety pins to the front waistband (which was still open) and then the elastic ends were sewed down along the side seams.

I then sewed the front waistband down at the bottom edge and my waistband is done.

I love that this skirt has hidden side pockets! 

And… Petunia (oh! I mean my sister) has another new skirt!  Two skirts down and one to go – “The Snakeskin” is the next one.

Well, I’m on vacation now so I probably won’t be posting until perhaps the first weekend in September – lots of visiting family and having them visit us, YIPEE!  I’m going to perhaps do some blog maintenance too.  Hopefully I don’t mess anything up and lose you… or you lose me!  Please keep posting as I would love to have something to read during those quiet times in my days!

Happy Sewing!

Linda of Lányos Handmade / Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

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    1. I know it’s a huge leap for someone who is an artist and familiar with Picasso’s work. I could not actually remember any of Picasso’s work while we were shopping but I knew he had done abstracts and I knew he had done flowers and in this fabric I see many abstract flowers, perhaps they are easier to see when the fabric is flat out? It’s beautiful fabric anyway.

    1. Thank you! It might be a little bit of “avoidance issues”! I told myself that I could make nothing more for myself until I made a few pairs of pants (trousers). I am on a RTW fast and I can’t buy any and I only have one pair left that I like/fits, but geeze PANTS! 😱😰

  1. Oh i like how the casing of the elastic band looks so neat! Love the fabric👏. You are an awesome sister.

  2. Once again a masterpiece. I do hope that I will not have to wrestle Petunia to the ground to get my skirts. She does look beautiful, but a bit of an air head though l have heard. I have a lovely black, 3/4 sleeve light sweater that will look beautiful with this skirt. I am going to owe you big time by the time you are done.

    1. Hey no problem! It’s a nice change from the usual and it is helping me avoid finishing off the pants that I have half-done. 🙁 Petunia did have a paper bag head with a face at one time, but we had to remove it because Simon the cat was not impressed! 🙂

  3. The inside of that skirt looks as great as the outside! Great fabric choice for that cute vintage pattern. The hidden pockets are a nice detail – so rare in current pattern offerings. Lucky sister!!

  4. So, I spent part of my holiday with my sister and got my first peek at the skirts that she had finished and they were wonderful. I was lucky cause Petunia was no longer wearing them so I didn’t have to fight with her to get them back. The work you are doing Linda is beautiful. Thank you.

    1. I know. I have to keep looking it up and doing the math. Apparently it’s just on the edge, which kind of makes sense because it seems like yesterday for me too! The pattern did say it should be mid-calf, but we wouldn’t stand for that! Come to think of it, I stopped counting years when I was about 25!

  5. One thing I have noticed (having so many vintage patterns) is that the one thing that has definitely changed is the selection of materials. Back, in the day, there were no real lively prints on material. My selections went mostly to cottons, my previous skirt were a cowboy theme, kitchen spices and roses on a black vine entwined background. I drew the line at materials my aunt used to wear that I still see often in western movies.

    You must admit the Clark Cable and Picasso are a 180% turn from kitchen spices!

  6. Love it.. I like how you did the casing.. So neat and professional. I never thought elastic can looks so amazing.. I definitely learned something from this.. Thanks for sharing Linda.

        1. Thank you, I am… Did… Was…??? 😀 It’s over now, but I am trying to get myself back into the swing of things again… Work, kids’ school, sewing, exercise, healthy eating, blogging. You never know how busy your life is until you stop doing everything and relax, and then try to get back into it again. But I’ll have a new blog post ready for this weekend! Talk soon!

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