I’ve been a little busy, but I am almost done!

I have been editing YouTube videos for the Lányos Handmade Channel. In addition to the sewing, I love the technical part of it. Apparently, I love learning new things! “Old dog, new tricks!” doesn’t seem to apply to me, yet!

On the recommendation of another more experienced YouTuber, I purchased myself a new toy, and not a very expensive toy!

Can you see the thingamajig like an octopus arm hanging over my sewing machine on the right? That’s a fabulous invention that allows me to hang my camera RIGHT OVER MY SEWING! I mean so closeup that weekly manicures are a requirement now!

So much more fun! After all … if you are watching an instructional sewing YouTube, shouldn’t you be able to see the sewing up close and personal! 🙂

Of course, in the drawer on the left is another piece of “required equipment” …

If you haven’t watched the Lányos Handmade YouTube Channel yet, go check out the Gemma Bag Sew Along right here! There are also some beginner sewing projects on there too! Let me know if you have some specific content you would like to see! I’d love to hear your thoughts and be thrilled to have your support!

What else have I been getting into? Well, I have sewn a couple of bags that I am having difficulty delivering to their new owners. Our schedules just don’t seem to match up!

I have been successful in getting the draft of my next bag pattern done though, so now I would like to hear from potential Pattern Testers!

If you would like to be a Pattern Tester for Lányos Handmade, kindly fill out the 2021 Lányos Handmade Pattern Tester Sign Up Form here!

I’d always give you a few weeks notice to see if you’re available for any upcoming pattern test. Any questions, just ask!

I wouldn’t be anywhere without my lovely Pattern Testers and I thank you all for your support! 2020 is behind us, thank goodness, let’s ENJOY 2021!

Now it’s time to think of my next sewing project! I am going to relax in front of my sewing machine with a good podcast or movie on my iPad and start sewing up a selfish sew. I have plans for that blue flowered light weight fabric that I was considering when I made my IVIYE’s Adah Kaftan Top here and here.

That red flowered print was more suitable for that style, just like this blue flowered print is more suitable for one of these styles. I think a summery short sleeve, or no sleeve, shirt would be nice to wear, but which should I pick? The one that looks like a casual shirt (McCall’s M6606 view C) or the one with a bit more flow to it (McCall’s M6840 view A)? (sorry for the small print!)

Are you planning your sewing for the summer yet? Or perhaps it isn’t summer where you live? What have you got next on your “to do” list?

Happy Sewing!

Thank you for reading and commenting!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT? I haven’t started yet! My estimate in my fabric stash is still 117 metres.

11 thoughts on “I’ve been a little busy, but I am almost done!

  1. Interesting to see your latest kit for filming! Uncertain what to recommend for your summer blouse, as it’s over 90 here for the next several days, so my thinking would probably be biased. Whatever you decide will be perfect! And yes, am “planning” some new makes for summer, currently “redesigning” a few shorts into tops because I never wore the shorts (even indoors) — scandalous!

    1. Oh! seriously 90 degrees!!! Wow! We only get that here the odd summer. Too much for me! I’d be going for the sleeveless flowing top if I had 90 degrees weather and I’d be standing in front of a fan!

      1. Right with you, Linda!

  2. Gosh, you’ve been busy. I love your sewing/filming studio. I wish I had lights, camera, action when I make video. I just run around with my cell phone. I really do love your set up. Way to go.

    1. 😂 thank you! Now I just need a “Hair and Makeup” Department… and maybe a Stunt Double?

      1. Inquiring minds want to know….what stunts are you planning?🤣 Love that fabric…I vote for the sleeveless.

        1. 😂😂 I thought maybe sewing through my thumb nail but I’ve done that already so I don’t need a stunt man for that move! 😂😂 Sleeveless… I was thinking that just today. It was warm and then breezy so I was happy to have the sweater on and then off etc. Over and over again!

  3. Linda,

    Thank you for your continued sewing inspiration.
    I like the blouse fabric choice. The blue floral looks like rayon. Rayon wears so well here in hot & humid Florida. It’s always a welcomed addition to any part of my wardrobe!

    1. Well although our weather doesn’t get as hot here, it will be lovely to have something cooler to wear!

  4. It’s a lovely sewing ideas. I love the floral printed clothing. It looks awesome.

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