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I finished another one of my #makenine2019!

Yes!  I am doing quite well this year, so far!  Part of my #makenine2019 challenge was some casual yoga-type pants.  This seemed to become more urgent on the list, as I wore out most of my yoga pants during 2020 – the year of “Casual Wear”. As usual, I didn’t use the pattern I first … Continue reading I finished another one of my #makenine2019!

Did I make the deadline for the #magamsewalong?

I have been watching the talented sewists over on Instagram take part in the #magamsewalong organized by @suestoney and @sewing_in_spain and their other monthly guests.  I think I have been watching ever since the birth of the #magamsewalong!  Of course, I always want to join in the fun so I was quite pleased when the … Continue reading Did I make the deadline for the #magamsewalong?

2021 Sewing Plans?

I guarantee you that there is always a lot of wonderful planning on my part the beginning of every year! This year I plan on finishing this #makenine. Of course, I have said this before, more specifically January of 2019 here! when I posted THE EXACT SAME #makenine PHOTO.  This is how much I accomplished in … Continue reading 2021 Sewing Plans?

Lányos Handmade

A final footnote to Designin’ December 2020!

We had a wonderful turnout for the Designin’ December 2020 Sewing Challenge and many generous sponsors!  Thank you! Some of our sponsors even offered more than one prize …. which means … we have more prizes to give out!  Something that doesn’t happen every year! So, if these talented sewists would contact me through Instagram … Continue reading A final footnote to Designin’ December 2020!


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