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Just a little clean up work … ignore me 🙂

“Follow me on Bloglovin’ here.” Sorry … just checking out RSS feeds and this one, Bloglovin’ seems to be defunct? Does anyone have any other suggestions for RSS feeds? Or do you even use RSS feeds and instead stick to other social media platforms? Comments more than welcome! 🙂 Thank you!

Just a slight interruption in my #makenine2019 sewing plans 🙂

It was interesting to have something new come my way! I was asked to alter a LARGE blackout curtain panel to fit a large window the full length and width of a front door. Luckily the one panel blackout curtain was larger than the front door window, so all it took was a bit of … Continue reading Just a slight interruption in my #makenine2019 sewing plans 🙂


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