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Hello Zsa Zsa!

Say Hello to the Lányos Zsa Zsa Clutch Wallet! Our newest pattern! So where did Zsa Zsa come from? Let me tell you … she started with my sisters! You know how it is. Someone says to you “You sew, do you think you can do this for me?” My sisters are usually more subtle … Continue reading Hello Zsa Zsa!

It’s June! and what is June?

June is ALS Awareness Month in BC and the 2022 Move to Cure ALS is on June 18th! I plan on running “virtually” so I will be posting in the Lányos Handmade Pattern Party Facebook Group, link here, blurry photos of me running with “supersonic” speed (on my treadmill) past all my “virtual” teammates! I … Continue reading It’s June! and what is June?


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