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Make your Black Friday a GREEN FRIDAY!

I’ve noticed some businesses and retailers advocating for a greener lifestyle, not all of them, and perhaps not even enough, but many are interested in passing on a greener earth to the next generation.  It is also up to us as individuals to bring about this change. For a start, this Black Friday why not… Continue reading Make your Black Friday a GREEN FRIDAY!

My how time flies …

It is almost frightening.  Seven years to the day have gone by since my first post on “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!  Seven years … isn’t that the time you’re supposed to have an “Itch”? or was that just the name of a 1950’s Marilyn Monroe movie? Seven years and the World has changed.… Continue reading My how time flies …

Lányos Handmade

Well! How’s your Designin’ December 2020 going?

It’s going very well for @sewordinary of Instagram.  I think her Designer Copy is a perfectly lovely, classic style! How’s my Designin’ December going, you ask? It’s all over the place!  LOL! Perhaps you remember from my last blog post here, I switched from this beautiful Oscar de la Renta skirt to a classic pair… Continue reading Well! How’s your Designin’ December 2020 going?

Lányos Handmade

Designin’ December 2020 Update!

We have our first three entries now!  Let me show them to you! First on Instagram @mountaintopsewing – who used Chanel as her inspiration and made a Designer Copy of this Jacket and top, complete with bag, bling and nail polish! Next, we have @intostitches, on Instagram, who used a Burberry trench coat as the… Continue reading Designin’ December 2020 Update!


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