Button, button, who’s got the button?

… the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER button that is!  Well, it’s done.  I put it on my sidebar menu, which might of course appear at the bottom of my blog for some views.  Copy and past the code under the button into a Text Widget on your blog and you too can brag about your Challenge to not buy a Designer Original, but to make it yourself!

If you get really, really frustrated trying to copy and paste the code – just cheat and download this image and upload it onto your blog… it’s ok!

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

Now, if you have missed a couple of my past posts and are wondering what the heck I am talking about, learn about DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER, its rules and its sponsors RIGHT HERE!

Happy Sewing from me and our sponsors …


Designin’ December 2017 Prize Sponsors!

And now the news you have been waiting for … PRIZE SPONSORS!  I have included their websites here too … just so you can browse ahead of time and pick out the prize you have your sights on!

So we have:

Itch to Stitch has generously donated ONE pattern of the winner’s choice from the Itch to Stitch Shop here.


Joannas Art and Cards is generously donating a box set of 12 Art Cards (with envelopes) measuring 5 x 7 inches.  Take a peek at Joanna’s Etsy shop here.


Sense & Sensibility Patterns has kindly donated ONE ePattern to the winner.  Their website is here.https://sensibility.com/blog/category/patterns/

Vintage Pattern Lending Library has generously donated THREE $25 Gift Certificates.  Here’s their Etsy Shop.


Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Patterns has donated ONE PDF pattern.  Their website is here.


Paprika Patterns has donated ONE pattern of the winner’s choice, take a browse through at their website here.

https://www.paprikapatterns.comNamed Patterns has donated ONE PDF pattern to the winner.  Have a browse through their shop for all your options here!


Last of all, we have Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!! (Me).  I will be donating a “Mystery Grab Bag” sewing related, of course!



We have all seen something we LOVE either in the stores, online or on the runways, but don’t actually want to buy for some reason.  So I propose that we sew that garment that we see/want.  Now if you are lucky and you already have an exact pattern, either an indie pattern, your own self-drafted, or a “Big 4” pattern, that you can use – then go for it!  If you have to alter a pattern that you already have, or draft your own pattern, you can do that too.  Whatever works for you.  Let’s make what we see and want!

Show us your Designer Original photo and how you put together your Designer me-made COPY.

“Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”


  • Follow my blog either by WordPress or by email and leave a comment that you wish to join DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER.  I will share all entries on my blog in December for community voting, linking back to you.
  • On your blog post a photo of your Designer Original and your Designer me-made COPY, mentioning DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER with a link back to here, so other’s can join in AND/OR on your Instagram post a photo of your Designer Original and your Designer me-made COPY,  tagging it #DESIGNINDECEMBER and follow @nicedressthanksimadeit.
  • Join the Facebook Group – Designin’ December – show us your progress, ideas, Designer Original and Designer me-made Copy.
  • Don’t forget to share a comment or two with your other DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challengers.  Everyone loves comments!

REMEMBER we especially want to see your DESIGNER ORIGINAL and YOUR DESIGNER me-made COPY!  Only entries shared on blogs AND/OR Instagram will be entered.

Deadline is December 31, 2017 and winners will be announced the beginning of January 2018.  Winners will be chosen by community vote.  Voters should select the entry that best expresses the spirit of DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER

“Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”

There will be 5 FABULOUS (randomly selected) prizes given away to the Instagram winners who follow @nicedressthanksimadeit mentioning #DESIGNINDECEMBER.

There will be 5 FABULOUS (randomly selected) prizes given away to “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!” followers mentioning DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER on their own blogs.

Only one prize per sewist.


  • On Twitter post a photo of your Designer Original and your Designer me-made COPY, tagging it #DESIGNINDECEMBER and follow @LindaMNicedress.
  • Send your email address to me at imadeit362436 (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you an invite to join the “DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER” Pinterest board here so you can add your Designer Original  and your Designer me-made COPY to the board.

Again, thank you to our generous sponsors for providing all these lovely prizes!  It’s been a joy talking to all of you and getting to know you!

Happy Sewing!






Are you getting ready for DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2017?

We are!

Have you picked out your Designer Original and the supplies you need to make your Designer me-made COPY?  Or are you just in the planning stages – don’t worry … there are still about 45 days left before DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2017 begins!  Pull those ideas out, polish them off!  

Ever since the first DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER I’ve seen many fabulous garments in the stores, magazines, online, on social media, on the runways … so many beautiful garments!  And I say,

“Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”

You’ve seen my Designer Originals here …  this Haori jacket from zasue.com …

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

and this dress – which I apologize, I am going to actually make into a skirt and top.

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

Everything’s cut out and ready to sew!

I’ve shown you my plans for my Designer me-made COPY of my Designer Original.  Leave a comment that you want to join in, here or on any DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER post, and I’ll share your post on my blog in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER, along with everyone else’s, and it will be eligible for PRIZES! Continue reading


I love December … holidays, family, giving …  DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER!

Have you chosen which Designer Original you would like to copy?  Or perhaps, like me, you are already working on your COPY of your Designer Original?

There is so much inspiration out there to feed our DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER ideas … dream garments in the stores, in magazines, on social media … the Fashion Runway… so many beautiful garments!  I say, “Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?” Continue reading

Christmas all over again!

I have bought myself a wonderful after-Christmas present.

How to use, adapt, and design sewing patterns, by Lee Hollahan

I love reading books on the bus during my long commute to and from work. (If you can’t do it, ya might as well be reading about it!). The table of contents looks loaded with “how to’s!


Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

One of the first chapters is on commercial patterns – how to measure yourself properly, pick a flattering pattern, pick the right size & fabric, layout your pattern properly, etc.


Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

The next chapter covers alterations of the pattern for a better fit – something I need practice with – working with a bodice, sleeve, skirt, dress, and pant patterns.


Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

The next chapter is about making muslins and advanced alterations for design and/or a perfect fit – something I have not done before. Want to change your pattern to make a bodice without side seams? Want to make a puffed sleeve head instead of the usual? What about putting a yoke in that flared skirt? I haven’t even gotten into all the dress, skirt and top variations yet!


Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

The book comes with pattern blocks – pardon me? – Yes, pattern blocks – US size 6 to 18 included!


Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

Oh yes, and a chapter on core sewing techniques, such as zippers, pleats, sleeves, etc., just in case!

Ok, so some of this is just a refresher for me… but most of it isn’t!  I am very happy with my purchase and Ms. Hollahan is not paying or asking me to say that neither, it’s just my opinion.

ONE BAD – I do wish that the book came with spiral binding though so it would lie flat! Although I think by the time I’m half way through it all the pages will have fallen out anyway and I can rebind it with a spiral coil!


One book I saw suggested altering patterns with the “pivot and slide” method vs. this book suggesting “folding and/or cutting and taping” your pattern to adjust where needed.

Also one book suggested I measure across my chest above my bust, look at a chart, and that is the size of pattern I should always get – bust, waist and hips, etc. would have to be adjusted as needed on that pattern. But this book suggests that I go with my bust measurement if I am making a top and hip measurement if I am making a bottom then adjust the rest, if needed. I have never heard of the first method before!

Of these, which methods are most popular out there? Pivot and slide OR fold and/or cut and tape? And how do YOU choose what size pattern to buy?

PS… Sophie has decided to spend the afternoon on the fridge today and stay out of my sewing!

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!