Head’s up!

I’ve been locked out of my Instagram account. I think I’ve been hacked!  So much for #sewphotohop!  Does anyone have contact info for a real person at Instagram?

EDIT: Thank you Mads I have emailed.  Sarah, I’m trying your idea too!

A FURTHER EDIT: I also opened a second IG account just so I could use their “report a problem” on that second account to report my first account had disappeared.

A FURTHER EDIT: Thank you again! An IG rep emailed me back and gave me back my IG account.  Thanks for the help and support everyone.  Now I’ve got to go take some photos for my next blog post.  😘😘


Happy sewing to you!

My Fabric Stash … and a game!

A while ago, I detailed how I organize my Pattern Stash, here.  Over the years, I have probably collected, and received from others, over 200 patterns.  I still use the same method I blogged about back then, but now I also have a photo of each of my patterns on my iPad.  Always at my fingertips!  

I put the envelopes in plastic pages into binders with all the dresses together, jackets, etc.

I put the instructions and pattern pieces into one plastic zip bag and store the bags numerically in banker boxes.

I find this way I can easily browse through all my pattern drawings and the information on the back.  After I have made a decision on which pattern I want to use I move to my banker box and pull the pattern instructions and pieces out.

My fabric stash is long overdue for some sort of organizing.  Continue reading

THE Biggest Grandstand Show in Canada!

Let me explain, in case you missed my IG feed … I headed back to the Calgary Stampede for my summer vacation!

I was in such awe of THE Biggest Sewing Room in Canada when I saw it in August of 2014 at the Calgary Stampede, I just knew I would have to return to see THE Biggest Grandstand Show in Canada – the TransAlta Grandstand Show – and all the talented performers who ultimately end up wearing all those costumes made by all those talented sewists in THE Biggest Sewing Room in Canada. Continue reading

4,442 miles …

between Victoria, British Columbia, and Edinburgh, Scotland … and why am I telling you this?  Well today I started as this week’s “Fashion Superstar” over on CUT OUT + KEEP!

CUT OUT + KEEP is an Edinburgh based craft community I would like to introduce to you.

But let me start from the beginning …

A few months ago, well the end of February to be exact, a very patient Cat Morley asked me if I was interested in being a “Fashion Superstar” on her craft community CUT OUT + KEEP.  Well of course I am!

Then life interfered (sigh!) and a very patient Cat Morley asked me again.  Again, I replied “Of course I am still interested!”

So while I was in Mexico, lying poolside in the sun, I planned and organized and wrote and rewrote and reviewed and came up with seven project posts for CUT OUT + KEEP.  I’m featured this week, so head on over and take a peek here!  Check out some of the other crafters too!  I don’t think I have ever seen a site that has so much variety, everything from desserts to slinky cabaret dresses (those two probably don’t go together so well) but CUT OUT + KEEP has it all!

So why was I thinking about 4,442 miles?   Continue reading

Woah! Hey guys n’ gals …

Look at me!  I’m over there!  Specifically … I’m over at High Latitude Style today with Nicole and a few fellow sewists!  Check out our contributions here, at High Latitude Style and get some great advice on designing your own clothes.

My contributions were my black Sewaholic Hollyburn and my Butterick top (B5645).

Excuse me now, while I dash over to High Latitude Style and check out all the contributions from some really talented sewists!

Happy Sewing!

Just popping in …

to say Thank you to Green Eye Crafts  and Sewing, for Cat People  for thinking about my blog and nominating me for this “Blogger Recognition Award”.  (After posting, I noticed that Confident Beginner also nominated me.  Thank you!)


Like many bloggers, I started “Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!” because I was totally/completely/utterly lacking sewing buddies!  So I started stalking/following all of you, quietly at first.  But I just couldn’t keep quite anymore so I threw in a comment here and there.  Then there was no stopping me.  I was having so much fun!

I started my blog in 2013 and from then on I reached out for more – FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram.  Is there anything I am missing?  It certainly has turned into an addiction that I cannot stop!

So if you are lacking in sewing buddies like I was, start by stalking/following other bloggers, like I did.  Sign up on a social media site, one or all – it all depends on you!  Comment on a few posts and you will have all the sewing buddies you will ever need.  The sewing community is a friendly place to share and learn!  Don’t worry if it doesn’t come to you right away, like sewing, blogging takes patience and practice … try this, try that … always keep learning!  

I’d like to give this award to some special blogging buddies who rose to the Challenge in December – that is the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER CHALLENGE – and thank them. I know I’m not listing all the blog titles/links here, some just might have the sites where they entered the Challenge:




Creations by Paula




Older Babe Sews Clothes

Seen it Sewn it


I’m also going to add in these bloggers, because they have something unique to offer too:

Seam Racer

J.A.M. Joanna’s Artistic Muse

Emma and her Machine

Pattern and Branch

Curls n Skirls

If those I’ve named choose to participate, the rules for receiving this award are as follows:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.


and Happy Blogging!

and the winner is …

I’m very pleased that I had this post all ready to go – except for the winner’s name – as I have been, probably like a few of you out there, lying on the couch with my blankie, nursing a cold/flu, dozing and reading sewing blogs for two days now.  Thank you for entertaining me when I’m down.  I am hoping to be back at the sewing machine soon!


But enough complaining… let’s continue, shall we …

Thank you for stopping by to say “Hi” last week and leaving your lovely comments.  I have met so many friendly, talented bloggers over the past three years, it’s just wonderful!  

After closing off comments, I put all your names into a hat for the GIVEAWAY (the “Hot Hemmer”) and pulled one out and the winner is … *drumroll please* …  Janey B of Jane Makes.  Congratulations, Janey B!  Please send me an email ( imadeit362436  at gmail dot com ) with your mailing address and I shall mail the “Hot Hemmer” to you.

I just want to say thank you to all of you out there who read and comment on my blog and all of you out there on IG, WordPress, Twitter, just everywhere, who give me so much sewing education and inspiration!

Thank you! and watch out for those germs!

'Good lord, Mrs. Frost, how long has he been running a fever?!'

Happy Sewing! 

Happy 3rd Anniversary “Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!”

WordPress has a lovely little feature that reminds you of your blog’s anniversary.  “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!” is three years old now!


Time has flown by and I have learned a lot about sewing, photography, writing, blogging and social media.  I always look forward to reading your blogs and sharing mine and I can’t wait to learn more. Continue reading


Have you already completed your COPY of your Designer Original?  Or perhaps, like me, you are just in the planning stages – whatever… there are still a few months left before DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2016!

Pull those ideas out of your head!  Ever since DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER last year I’ve seen many dream garments in the stores, magazines, on social media … the Fashion Runway… so many beautiful garments!  And still I say, “Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”

I think I finally have my DESIGNER ORIGINAL picked out…

Ellery Neu

I have recently seen a lovely “bell” sleeved dress on Barbara Jane Made.  I don’t have anything with bell sleeves – I want something with bell sleeves.  Along comes this Ellery Neu. Continue reading