Almost missed the boat with this one…


Well, I had plans.  I had plans to use this beautiful fabric (100% rayon Batik) with my Butterick Retro dress pattern B5920.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric.  No matter how much I measured and twisted and turned the pattern pieces, I just didn’t have enough fabric.


So I pulled out my second choice.  A pattern I haven’t tried before, something a bit different for me.  Something that in the end, really wasn’t my style.  McCall’s M7080.   I managed to cut all the pieces out with only a small piece remaining!


Too bad I wasn’t making the sleeve less version, I like the way they put the neck and armhole facings together ensuring that, when turned, no hand sewing of the neck and arm holes is needed.  It would have been a beautiful finish.  The skirt was basically two rectangle pieces, gathered at the top.

My serger behaved beautifully finishing off the seams.  Yes, quite often I serge together as many seams as I can, then check the fit and then sew the 5/8 inch seam allowances – more or less, depending on the fit.  Strange, huh?


Well it’s not quite finished here.  The sleeves and bottom hem have to be sewed up. The waist has to be sewn together properly, not just basted.  But it was close enough to being finished for me to try it on and realize that MY body will never be happy with an undefined waistline.  Perhaps it would look better if the waistline was shortened to sit higher on my body?  Doesn’t matter, I’m moving on (again).


I’ve now decided to get a top, McCall’s M6840, out of my dress.  View A, perhaps with short sleeves.  There certainly is enough fabric in the skirt portion for the larger front and back pieces.  I’ll have to see if I can get a collar AND some short sleeves out of the bodice pieces.


This pattern instructed you to sew together the back piece, the back yoke and the front pieces and hand sew the long seam of the inside yoke to the back yoke.  I would prefer not to do any hand sewing, if I can get away with it.  So let’s do the “Burrito” technique instead!

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Things are going better now.  I just have to sew on the collar, do my buttons and buttonholes and do my hemming.  Let me tell you, I think my fabric is looking much better.  I was thinking of adding some contrasting topstitching along the button hole band, collar and maybe the hems… First I shall see what it looks like when completed!

Now just to spread the joy (that I haven’t thrown my project in the dumpster yet) I would like to have a Give away of this dress pattern, McCall’s M7080 (size 14 through 22), which I now know is not MY style – although it might be your’s!

To enter the giveaway, just comment below that you would like this pattern and let me know how you follow my blog (WordPress, email, etc.?).  This Give away will be open until Friday, May 27th at 12 noon, PDT.  I’ll draw the winner and post next weekend.

In the meantime, Happy Sewing!

33 thoughts on “Almost missed the boat with this one…

  1. What a shame, but I’m glad you were able to save that lovely fabric. Don’t put me in your giveaway draw – I have more than enough patterns that I should give away – oh, now there’s a thought!!

    1. I am happy I was able to save the fabric. I don’t see 100% rayon Batik too often in the stores here, just on-line… and on-line is so difficult to “touch & feel”!

      1. I agree! I rarely buy fabric on-line.

  2. I discovered that burrito method recently for the first time….such fun! And I am so glad you could salvage the lovely fabric as a top. Looking forward to seeing the end result.
    (Not to win the pattern…South Africa is a long way off for shipping, hehe…but I could have sworn I clicked on the WordPress “Follow” button for blogs such as yours, but I still do not get notifications. I have not figured WordPress out completely yet so there is probably some setting somewhere I should be amending so I do not have to follow the blogs “manually” such as I do now: which means dropping in every now and then to see how the sewing is going.)

    1. Yes, sometimes I just want to get the job done and not fiddle with hand sewing. The burrito works well! Perhaps… Have you tried looking at which of your blogs is “primary”? That choice is under “dashboard” “home” “my blogs” – for me anyway! Perhaps it is your other blog and not your sewing blog that is primary and is following me? I follow your other blog and then get redirected to your sewing blog, so I have to look for you too! It’s happened with a couple of other blogs I follow too, so you’re not the only one. I’m glad you find me, and me you though! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Good save- I agree the dress was not looking good, and was doing the fabric no favours either! {don’t put me in the draw either lol]

    1. Yes it will take a figure different then mine to wear this style. Perhaps there is one out there!? Otherwise it will just be a caution to others that the style of this McCall’s pattern isn’t right for everyone!

  4. Lovely fabric, and I think the blouse pattern is perfect for it! Good job of perseverance there, looking forward to the finished garment. While I love giveaways…..perhaps this pattern would not be the best for my body either. I really don’t need to draw attention to the waistline area. 🙁

    1. It is a lovely fabric. I’m sure it will do well as a top. Haha… It’s probably more stubbornness and frugality that makes me want to succeed with this lovely fabric! I have used 100% Batik before and although expensive, it is beautiful!

  5. What beautiful fabric, the colours, the butterflies. 😊 I’m looking forward to seeing the finished top. Since I don’t sew, please don’t put me in your draw. I follow your blog because I enjoy reading it. 😊

    1. Oh my! Double thank you to you!! 😘😘 And I love reading your’s too. Now in the spirit of full disclosure – should we tell them we are sisters and not just members of The Mutual Admiration Society? 😂 (Still love your artwork and your blog!)

  6. That is so sad after all that effort that your dress wasn’t nice on. I think that it is so easy to get carried away by the lovely pattern photo and it is a bit “meh” when you finally make it. I am not sure that is all due to styling, or even to our body shapes. Some patterns are just “meh”. Just don’t ask me how I know. 🙂 Your top will be lovely and I am so glad that you can save your gorgeous fabric. I learnt the Burrito Method from a Simplicity Amazing Fit pattern and have never looked back. It gives such a lovely finish on the inside. Please don’t add me into your giveaway either. I have no waist at all so it would do me no favours but thanks for your very generous offer. Looking forward to seeing your lovely shirt. Xx 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Sometimes sewists get such lovely garments… And I guess sometimes NOT! I’m looking forward to the top being finished now!

  7. The new top style looks really nice, glad you saved the fabric! Top stitching, yes do it. No hand stitching, absolutely with you there too. Dropped waist dresses are not for me either. Online fabric buying for me is the same as online clothes buying and the same as you…I like to feel the fabric.

    1. Haha. 😂 Not only a “Sewing Sister” in name but also in tastes and sewing techniques too! Happy Sewing to you and thank you for being such an avid follower! 👍

      1. It’s always a pleasure

  8. Linda, you have the patience of a saint! If it had been me I’d have slapped the whole thing together and then ditched it in a huff (one reason I don’t sew anymore). Anyway don’t put me in your draw, I like to read about sewing, I don’t like to do it. Oh and I follow you on WP Reader and on Facebook.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! There have been a couple of projects that I have tossed over the past 40 plus years, but this fabric is too beautiful to waste!

  9. Beautiful fabric, I love the design. I am with you, I need a defined waistline or whatever I am wearing looks like a bag. Nice revamp, you amaze me.

    1. Oh boy! Thanks for the compliments! I think it am going to have to write McCalls and ask them who in the world wears this style!! 😄

  10. Dropped waist styles have never fit me or my style. How wise you’ve been to get a lovely creation out of this lovely fabric (luv rayon!)!

    1. Funny how it has taken a few mis-steps with patterns to realize that these kinds of waists are not my style! (I love rayon too!)

  11. So frustrating when this happens. I can’t do without a waist either. Glad you managed to salvedge a top out of it though…

    1. I did get a top out of it – I’m rather happy with that!

  12. I like the fabric you are using, some of those vintage patterns use a lot of fabric don’t they? Interestingly I am the exact opposite to you, I adore hand stitching, it is so much more satisfying especially when watching a good film or two.

    1. Thanks! Hand stitching is an almost an art on its own! I don’t mind a little bit, but too much bothers my joints.

      1. Poor you! I understand why machine stitching is King!

  13. I follow you via Bloglovin. Please don’t put me into your draw – I don’t think this is a shape for me. I hope you succeed well in saving the fabric

    1. Thank you for reading and following! I have been successful with the fabric 👏😃 now to get my top finished!

  14. I love that fabric and it’s so great you were able to save it! I’ve had similar situations more times than I care to admit, LOL That shirt pattern looks like a winner, so versatile you’ll probably get more wear out of it anyway!

    1. I think I will be happy with it, and good thing because the fabric feels so nice!

  15. Sometimes I just want to wear that fabric do much that I make compromises that bite me!

    1. I know, I understand perfectly! I’ve done it myself… Many times!

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