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A new (old?) pattern release!

I hope everyone is doing as well as they can in these trying times.  My prayers go out to you.Things have finally settled into a pattern (LOL) around here.  I have survived the change from working in an office to working from home.  I have even found a bright side to the change!  Like ... an extra three hours… Continue reading A new (old?) pattern release!

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The “demise” of Dolly …

... it's rather a frustrating story ... but first, let's start with some sewing chit chat! At the beginning of this year, I told myself I would do ALL my mending and sewing repairs and finish those UFO's, before I started a new project. I did pretty well! I must admit that it took a… Continue reading The “demise” of Dolly …

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The Designin’ December winners!

It was a fabulous turnout for Designin' December 2019! So many people told me they wanted to vote for ALL the Sewists - why did they have to choose just a few! But don't worry, everyone did so well, and you were all within points of each other! This Designin' December we had 21 Sewists… Continue reading The Designin’ December winners!

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How to vote for your Designin’ December favourite!

As we review the entries below, let's keep in mind my favourite thought when browsing through the shops or magazines, online or physical: “Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?” In no special order, here are the entries: @sewlastminutelisa @groovygreylook @sewbknit @paulalovestosew @thehippestpocket @mandi.sews @raquel_sewing_knitting_in_asia @wis_g @brigitann And… Continue reading How to vote for your Designin’ December favourite!

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More Designin’ December, including my own!

Isn't it amazing how many entries there have been!!! I'm going to show you a few more! Saba Lodhi from our Designin' December Facebook Group has her Designer Original by Jason Wu. and her Designer Copy! @thesewinggoatherd or her blog The Sewing Goatherd and the Designer Original that inspired her to make her Mother's Mother… Continue reading More Designin’ December, including my own!

DESIGNIN' DECEMBER, Sewing, Sewing Challenges

More Designin’ December entries!

Let's just get to it! @seamracer of IG and of the blog, Seam Racer, has a 2nd entry! Her Designer Original from the Versace spring/summer 2018 RTW Collection and her Designer Copy ... Next @theladydeejay with her 1960's Leslie Fay dress, which she purchased for herself, and then studied to make proper fitting pattern pieces,… Continue reading More Designin’ December entries!