I have nothing to wear …

I have a closet full of handmade garments and I’ve lost my inspiration to get dressed in the morning … I have nothing to wear …

So the other day, I started wandering through my fabric stash and patterns and my Craftsy courses to be inspired, and I remembered I had purchased this one a while ago – Sew to Flatter:  Plan your Best Wardrobe with Nancy Nix-Rice – when it was on sale.  I only buy Craftsy “on sale” and if you sign up for their emails then you get notice of their sales.  😉

This course talked about colour, fabric, patterns for body type, wardrobe planning, etc.  Just the thing I needed to re-discover my wardrobe!   Continue reading

It really is BLACK!

Honestly, why is BLACK so difficult to photograph?  It must just suck in all the light around it!  Anyway…

I have finished my 4th pair of pants, black ones, after spending extensive time with the muslin and making three pairs after that.  I thought my blue pair was my favourite – best fitting and lovely fabric.  Those were made with Horizon Suiting, 100% polyester.  (I actually managed to find and buy more Horizon Suiting in a Navy Blue colour.  Whoopie!)  I think these black pants have taken their place though.  Although in trying to photograph the black, that might not come across!

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Betcha by Golly ya thought it was gonna be about a UFO!

You know how it is.  You finish a garment and there is something that is not quite right about it.  So you put it aside for later… and there it sits.

Two weeks ago, I posted about my finished blue pants.  The only problem is that I sewed the invisible zipper in too close and after I tried the pants on and zipped them up, the fabric got stuck in my zipper and I had to break the zipper to get them off again!


This is a lovely fabric (Blue Horizon Suiting, 100% polyester), a lovely pattern (Vogue V2948) and I’ve worked on the pants muslin to get a pretty good fit (Pant Fitting Techniques by Sandra Betzina).  Now I have the added extra of A BROKEN ZIPPER! Continue reading

The Good News … and the Bad News.

The Good News … I’m feeling better, even though my nose doesn’t.  I felt good enough to spend most of this weekend sewing.  Yippee!  You might remember, I left off with the slash pockets being completed on my third pair of pants (out of the four I want to make for myself).  Gotta love that RTW Challenge and make ’em myself!

I have been using a couple of Craftsy courses:  “Pant Fitting Techniques” by Sandra Betzina and “One pattern, Many Looks:  Pants” by Kathy Ruddy; and Vogue pattern V2948.  So far, I have made a muslin, a brown pair and a black pair.  Now this blue pair, well, I just love the fabric.  It’s called Blue Horizon Suiting, 100% polyester, with no stretch.  It feels so much like an expensive suit pant fabric!  And the colour is the perfect blue!image

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Three (almost three) Out of Four Done!

Let me explain…  This past week our household was hit with the worst “COLD” in its history.  It started with our Daughter, then Me, then Mr. Green Thumb.  It hasn’t hit our Son yet, but Heaven help us if he gets it as he is in the middle of a University term and can’t afford to be ill.

Those of us who have been through it or haven’t had it yet are extremely wary of being near anyone (Mr. Green Thumb) who has it.  So much so that the Poor Man came out of the “sick room” for an Advil once and we chased him back in there with fiery torches and pitchforks!  Stay away!  Get back!  Poor Man.  It was even suggested that we just throw all the cold medication, chicken soup, and hot tea in there and shut the door quick! Continue reading

Progress? So far – Two out of Four! (and the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge button’s up!)

I am making progress!  I have needed new pants in my wardrobe for a while now, but since I signed up for the RTW Challenge last January, I have refused to purchase any.  There has been a lot of sewing this year – thoughtful sewing!

To start the pants-making process, I made my muslin, and then my first pair, my brown pair with the invisible zipper.  Time to move on to my 2nd pair.  I used a black 100% polyester that I was unsure would be suitable for pants, especially this pattern with its zipper and many seams, so I considered this pair might be another muslin – a stretchy knit muslin.

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In a panic for pants (trousers)!

Hello again!  Here I am!  The real thing!

My RTW Fast year is close to ending and I am still filling in the gaps in my handmade wardrobe.  There is still time left to sew up some pants for myself though – I would love to have a pair of black, blue and brown pants suitable for work.

So to recap… You’ve seen my pattern, Vogue V2948.  It has princess seams front and back and a curved waistband.  It is fantastic for alterations…

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What I did on my summer vacation. (Part II)

… just a hint … it involved a LOT of butt gazing!

The first (and last) time I sewed myself a pair of pants (trousers) was when I was in grade 8.  It was a tunic top and hipster/bell bottom pants, sort of like this pattern, made of PINK 100% polyester (the heavy stuff).

Those pants either “goosed” me when I walked or gave me “plumber’s crack” when I sat down.  I was at least lucky that the tunic top covered all my mistakes! Continue reading

Learning something new…

For the past few weeks I have been working on my Islander Sewing Systems, “MotorCity Express jacket“. I received this pattern when I purchased the Craftsy course “Sew Better, Sew Faster: Smart Construction“.  

I have worked on the facings and lining layer, my sleeve gusset zippers and zipper pockets, and last week my fashion fabric layer

This week I bagged the lining!  I have, sort of, bagged linings before.  But this pattern had a final step for the sleeve layers that I have never done before, one that made for less hand sewing and more machine sewing – always a bonus! Continue reading