Did a run on the weekend…

so no sewing.  Sad for the no sewing – Happy that I can still do 10 k without having a heart attack! I did post to The Monthly Stitch for their April Challenge though – Flower Power Two Fabrics, so if you have an interest in expanding your sewing community, or are curious, come on…Read More

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

I (heart) RED!!

The Monthly Stitch Challenge in February was “Miss Bossy” telling us what solid colour we must sew up.  Miss Bossy’s commands for me were:  yellow (which makes me look like the walking dead!), blue (which I love), or RED (which I really love).  So lucky me, Miss Bossy was surprisingly kind and told me I had…Read More

No rain, a new hair-do and a new dress!

… this is Happiness! It’s Frocktober! A while ago I received my Sewaholic Yaletown pattern in the mail and knew I had to sew it up with my Batic 100% rayon purchased during my shopping trip to Vancouver!  My dress is done now, just in time, and I am very pleased with it.