DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER! First to Cross the Finish Line!

Today, I have the first to cross the finish line in the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge!  Let me introduce you to Linda of Remake Remodel Recycle!

On her blog Linda has showed us her DESIGNER GARMENT … A collection of floral’s from Milan Fashion Week!





I am always in awe of “refashions”.  I use fabric, a pattern, and I sew.  Linda made her jacket/blouse out of palazzo pants, her vest from a shirt and wore both garments with trousers she altered.  Be sure to visit her blog to find out how she did it… and leave her a comment – we all love comments!

Meanwhile, back at home, my sewing is behind a couple of weeks due to an illness in the family, but I am working on my DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge outfit. The original was designed by Marina Hoermanseder.  I intend to copy it, making the shorts much longer though!  Let’s call them “wide pants” instead!


I have my jacket fashion fabric and lining cut out and have cut out and almost finished my “wide pants”!  My waistband has interfacing and seam tape inside along the top to prevent stretching.


I found this invisible zipper in a second hand shop and although it was way too long, it was the right colour so I decided to shorten it down and use it for this project.


Until I noticed this… it’s a metal zipper!  When was the last time they made metal zippers?  I haven’t seen one for ages.  Maybe I’m shopping in the wrong stores, but everything I see is plastic!  Although by the price $1.20, I can tell it’s vintage!  Now I pay $3.20 for the same zipper, made of plastic!  I’ve decided to use a regular plastic 18 cm zipper, which means I have to make zipper facings now.


Darn, ran into a bit of a snag…


I made my interfaced zipper facings, one narrow and one wide, the wide one to be folded in half.


I sewed one side of my zipper onto my folded wide zipper facing.


Then sewed my folded wide zipper facing on to my wide pants.


I pinned the zipper facing out of the way for now.  My narrow zipper facing was sewed on to my wide pants and folded to the inside.  The other side of my zipper was pinned carefully in place.  As usual, there was some Wonder Tape involved!

Sewed in – Job done!  Now that I look at it I am not sure I like the pleats I put in my wide pants.  There is something not quite right.  I think I am going to get my buddy out, Good Ole Seam Ripper, and pick it apart.  I plan on resewing it with gentle gathers all around instead.  We shall see how that looks.  I just can’t go any farther until I am happy with this!


It is still a Work In Progress, but I love the colours I am using and I love working with these fabrics!  So back to my sewing!

REMEMBER:  Why buy when you can make it yourself?  If you want a designer garment too, join the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge!


On your blog post a photo of your Designer Garment and YOUR COPY of that designer garment, mentioning DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER in your post with a link back to here so other’s can join in.

Grab a DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER button. The code on my side bar can be copied and pasted into a Text Widget on WordPress. It also works on other blogging platforms.

If you have a DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER outfit to share, leave a comment here on my blog and I’ll post your Designer Garment and YOUR COPY on my blog, with a link back to you.

Don’t forget to share a comment or few with your other DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER members. Everyone loves comments!

Other ways to participate:

Send your email address to me at imadeit362436 (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you an invite to join the “DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER” Pinterest board so you can add your Designer Garment and YOUR COPY to the board.  Or let me post your Designer Garment and YOUR COPY on my Pinterest board for you.

Post your Designer Garment and YOUR COPY on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #DESIGNINDECEMBER.

Happy Sewing!

18 thoughts on “DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER! First to Cross the Finish Line!

  1. Shame I can’t join you in this venture, but I’m going away tonight and I won’t be sewing for a whole month, not sure I’m going to survive!

    1. Hope you have lots of fun and adventure! Will there be photos?

  2. PS, love your blue trousers. Really cool.

  3. nice.. congrats on first submission.. 🙂 Nice…

    Love the blue trousers. Looks great.. The fabric looks delightful…. Busy month of sewing ahead.. May or may not get to contribute. we see.. 🙂

    All the best Linda..


    1. Thank you! December is always a busy month! Maybe next year you can sew up your DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER outfit early and save posting it until December! 😉

  4. Love the colour of the trousers, it’s so vibrant. I look forward to seeing the whole outfit! I’d like to take part but I don’t think I will have time to contribute anything I’m afraid, 🙁 I’ll be keeping an eye on what others make though.

    1. Thank you! There is always next year! Make something and save posting it until DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER! 😉

  5. What a great refashion! So inspiring. I love the outfit you chose to copy too. I’m not sure what I will make but the creative juices are flowing which means the idea is about to hatch! What fun….

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your’s! There is lots of time yet!

  6. Congrats to Linda (the other one) who was first to submit! And your new wide pants are a beautiful shade of blue! Looking forward to seeing the finished outfit. Was planning to join, but drats! will have to wait till next year, I’m afraid.

    1. Thank you! I seem to be loving shades of blue lately! No problem, see you next year! 😀

      1. I plan to be there!

        1. Looking forward to it! 🎉💃🎊

  7. You perfectly matched up the blue. Such a gorgeous colour. I love your designer outfit. I’m excited to see your final outfit. 😊

    1. Thank you! I hope it will end up being one of my favourites!

  8. I recognize that snag. I see it every time I go near a sewing machine. BTW I’m very impressed you got this blog up given the week you just had! Way to go Linda.

    1. You are a funny girl! I had all the photos but no words… I guess I found my words!

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