Have you already completed your COPY of your Designer Original?  Or perhaps, like me, you are just in the planning stages – whatever… there are still a few months left before DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2016!

Pull those ideas out of your head!  Ever since DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER last year I’ve seen many dream garments in the stores, magazines, on social media … the Fashion Runway… so many beautiful garments!  And still I say, “Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”

I think I finally have my DESIGNER ORIGINAL picked out…

Ellery Neu

I have recently seen a lovely “bell” sleeved dress on Barbara Jane Made.  I don’t have anything with bell sleeves – I want something with bell sleeves.  Along comes this Ellery Neu.

Now I don’t have a pattern for this top.  This pattern is a possibility though, View D of McCall’s M7193, a bit shorter and with bell sleeves – which I will have to draft.


This is another possibility, View C of McCall’s M7093, again I’d have to shorten the length and draft the sleeves.

I have been thinking about making this skirt, a Chloe, for a long time now.  


I have a simple pattern in mind, View B of McMall’s M6654.  I just have to add a godet and a zipper. 

Looks like I’m ready to go!  I have the all the fabric I need in my stash and today I bought my zippers.

I’ve shown you my plans for my COPY of my Designer Original.  Leave a comment that you want to join in, and I’ll share your post in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER too!

There are many inspirations out there.  I have collected a few here and on my Pinterest board, DESIGNER FASHION!  How about a bit of lace?

Or something wild!

This is such a classic pant…

Misha Collection Katia Palazzo Pant


I want all of these skirts!

I still love Allison Wonderland’s designs.  My sister and I went to a fashion show in Vancouver last year and we were overwhelmed by all the designers’ creativity – including Allison Wonderland.

Allison Wonderland

This year, I have found another favourite designer – Paule Ka.  

Paule Ka
Paule Ka

Another beautiful designer, Carolina Herrera.

Carolina Herrera

Not that I would have anywhere to wear these dresses, but I do love how beautiful these are…

Carla Ruiz
SK by Saiid Kobeisy


“Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”  If you want a designer garment too, join the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge!


  • On your blog post a photo of your Designer Original and YOUR COPY of your Designer Original, mentioning DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER in your post with a link back to here so other’s can join in.
  • Grab a DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER button.  The code on my side bar can be copied and pasted into a Text Widget on WordPress, or download the image and then upload it onto your blog.
  • Leave a comment here on my blog and I’ll post your Designer Original and YOUR COPY for you on my blog in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER, with a link back to you – whether you have made it already, are in the process of making it, or plan on making it… let me know!
  • Don’t forget to share a comment or few with your other DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER cohorts.  Everyone loves comments!

Other ways to participate:

  • Send your email address to me at imadeit362436 (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you an invite to join the “DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER” Pinterest board so you can add your Designer Original  and YOUR COPY to the board.
  • Post your Designer Original and YOUR COPY on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #DESIGNINDECEMBER.

Don’t forget to “grab” a DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER button on your way out!

Happy Sewing!

33 thoughts on “DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2016!

  1. Holy smokes you’ve showcased some great designers! When I saw the “bell” sleeve top, I felt like that kid in class who’s literally jumping out of her seat, waving her hand in the air. I have a bell sleeve summer coat which I LOVE.

    Paula Ka’s dress is great. Given at my job I get scheduled all day to run from one fax machine to another I like her sneakers too. The black top with the white lace is gorgeous!

    Cool post. Looking forward to seeing your Designin’ December outfit!

    1. There are so many beautiful garments out there. Your bell sleeve summer coat is very fashionable! Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could spend our days at the office in sneakers! Thank you to reading and commenting and stay in touch there will be many more lovely outfits to see in Designin’ December!

  2. I love the idea of this, but I am pretty much away from the end of October. I wonder if I can find some reverse inspiration for something I am already planning to make? Let me think about this. Some of your inspiration photos are wonderful!

    1. I have seen some garments out there in the blogs already – and am trying to remember their “makers” for use in Designin’ December – so don’t be shy. If there has been something that you have made and/or posted already or something that is coming up, just let me know and I shall save it for my Designin’ December posts. It’s a lovely way to showcase at the end of the year all the creativity I have seen! (You always have such fantastic travels in November/December, I hope you will be showing us where you have been!)

      1. Off to UK in November and Tasmania in December, so I will definitely be showing something! I shall have a look at some designer wear and see what I can do.

  3. That skirt is great. I will keep that as an idea. Thanks for the post.

    1. It’s really different, isn’t it!

  4. Hmmmm, I promised last year to do it this year. And now, we have travel coming up (weddings!!!), and guests, and then the holidays….but I think I’m going to try. Have lots of fabrics finally, and I love love love that black top with white lace trim. Let me cruise around Designer Land and see what happens. 😀

    1. They think of design elements that I might not have on my own – it is lovely, isn’t it!

      1. It certainly is! And I just might have found a design I can work with…..

  5. Yay, it’s back!!!!! I have been pinning up a storm lately with all the new collections from fashion weeks–I will have to see what I can come up with! Your projects look amazing, and I can’t wait to see them finished! You are on top of it this year, for sure!

    PS: I am now off to look up Paule Ka, who is new to me. TFS! =)

    1. You make me laugh! I am glad you are enjoying your “pinning” and sewing. I’m going to have to figure out how to find you on Pinterest as I love seeing what others have found. Paule Ka is new to me too… and from what I have seen so far, not too far out of reach!

      1. I keep my boards set to “secret” because it’s more for my private mojo-boosting, LOL! But I am on there someplace–Pinterest is still one of those things I am not savvy at using!

        1. Well I’m still learning with all this on line stuff. I keep mine open just because I hadn’t thought of anything else – but as with everything on line – I heard someone complain once that people put stuff on Pinterest for themselves and that ends up being of no value to others. I didn’t say anything but if people can air their dirty laundry on Facebook, then I can save photos of what I sew for myself on Pinterest (so there!). I think of it as an endless bulletin board for myself! I think everyone should just have fun with it in their own way – speech over now! 🙂

  6. Linda, would Itch To Stitch’s Sirena dress help jumpstart your drafting?

    1. Yes, that would make it easy to make a “bell” sleeve top, since it is a “bell” sleeve dress. It is quite a lovely design, isn’t it. Well, I have vowed to not purchase anything new since my Vintage Sewing Machine purchases, so I will have to draft the sleeves myself. It shouldn’t be too difficult! Thank you anyway!

  7. That skirt with the feature zip is amazing – I can’t wait to see your version of it!

    1. It looks really different but also simple to do… I hope!

  8. Good luck with your plans, the skirt with the zip is a great idea. I really love the Paule Ka dress with the bow, that is right up my street.

    1. The Paule Ka is lovely, isn’t it! Go for it, and be sure to let me showcase it in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER!

  9. That black and cream lace edge top is the exact lace from the top I made for my jeans refashion! I still have some left, maybe I should use it up in this way??
    Well Linda I enjoyed this challenge last year, so I intend to join in again this year. Looking forward to seeing them all!

    1. I think the black and cream lace top is so beautiful. Go for it! You did such lovely work last year! I saw a lady on the bus the other day and she had on a black shift dress – very plain – and over that was a black LACE shift dress (the two attached of course). The fantastic thing about it was the skirt was to her knees and the lace about 12 inches past that! Just lovely – as I am sure all the creations of all you sewists out there will be. I’m looking forward to showcasing everything in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER!

  10. I adore that skirt, the one with the zipper. I can honestly say, I have never seen anything like it. You find the most interesting patterns and, based on your past projects, it will be amazing. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

    1. Thank you! I love finding new ideas on the internet – with fashion designers, retailers, etc. – and trying to copy them!

  11. Oh I know what I am going to do for this! I know I know I know!!!! But let met just get through September first….

    1. Holy Smokes! Do you have the time! Yes… There is lots of time! I will showcase everyone’s version of their Designer Originals during the month of DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER … So lots of time to look, plan, cut, and sew! 🎊💃🎉

  12. I’m in. I have no idea what I will make yet but I really want to do more for me so this should help galvanise me. The Chloe zipped skirt is gorgeous – but clearly I’m not the only one to think that 😉

    1. Happy to have you join! I’m sure if EVERYONE made a Chloe zipped skirt, every single one would look different – that’s the best part of sewing your own clothes! I’m looking forward to sharing your creation!

  13. I’m in! Think it’ll be the striped skirt but not sure just yet! Ta for organising 😀

    1. We’re looking forward to seeing whatever you make! 🎉💃🎊

  14. Great ideas! Would love to participate. Putting my thinking cap on now. I’m scanning the Fashion Week offerings going on right now 😀👗

    1. Welcome to have another creative sewing mind join in! It’s always lovely to see how everyone is inspired. Monthly, I’ll throw out some suggestions too. I look forward to showcasing your copy of your Designer Original in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER!

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