I became seriously addicted to sewing in the 70’s. In 2013, I took up Blogging about Sewing. In 2015, I took on the #RTWFAST Challenge, no more store bought for me, well … except undergarments, socks and such, handbags and shoes. I also created and organized my annual #DESIGNINDECEMBER Challenge (Join us!). Then in 2018, tired of buying Handbags, I started to design, make and sell my own Handbags and accessories at #LANYOSHANDMADE. I love learning about and making vegan, sustainable, repurposed and up-cycled projects. I want to try everything, learn everything and share it with you!

I love my two wonderful beanie hats from Lanyos Handmade. I have a burgundy one and a black one. Solid colours work with anything. They are perfect for “bad hair days” and keep my ears warm in this windy Victoria weather. Thank you Linda – thinking of of a wild paisley beanie in the New Year. Thanks Linda. (November 27, 2019)

Carolanne P

I have a Lanyos hand bag and I love it. It fits everything. It was fun being a part of the creation by picking the fabric. Im also hard on my bags and the Lanyos handbag is durable. (Apr 2, 2020)

Joanna V