The Big Decisions.

The weather today was so changeable, I sat here this morning trying to decide if I should put the laundry on the clothes line… or take photos for my blog.  What should I do?  

You might remember last post I was fighting to make my dress pattern work with my fabric and my body.  That pattern lost.  This pattern, on the other hand, McCall’s M6840 was a winner.  I made view B but with short sleeves.  Short sleeves since the fabric is so summery – but also after salvaging the fabric out of the almost completed dress, I didn’t have enough pieces left that were large enough to make long sleeves!

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So bad I couldn’t give it away!

Hello All!  How’s it going?

Last week, I blogged about a fabric I love…  this 100% rayon Batik.


Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

and a pattern I hate…  McCall’s M7080.


I’m allowed to hate a pattern, right?

I offered to give it away. Guess what… NO TAKERS!  Hundreds of views and not a bite.  You’d think I was trying to sell ICE at the North Pole.  GOT THAT McCALL’S?

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