McCall’s M7364 – A simple sewing pattern!

I’ve always got an eye out for border print fabric and when I saw this 100% cotton denim – EMBROIDERED – I could not resist!  I bought enough for a pair of casual summer pants and a summer top.  It has been quite hot here lately (but unfortunately smokey from forest fires) so I am craving new summer clothes.  I figure by the time I finish these two garments it will be raining?

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

I thought I would try McCall’s M7364, view D without the ties at the bottom – a “Learn to Sew for Fun” pattern.  Last time I tried a “Learn to Sew for Fun” pattern it was a cardigan and I didn’t like it.  You can take a look at it here.

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New Look 6803 – The Day and Night Dress Challenge, Part 1

Where has the week gone!  We had a holiday on Monday (“Family Day”), which I spent watching movies and sewing … then it was back to work and not knowing what day it was – pure chaos!

But I have finished 1/2 of my Day and Night Dress Challenge – the “Day” part – it’s time for “Coffee”!  If you would like to learn more about the Day and Night Dress Challenge, head over to Elizabeth Made this … right here!

It will be interesting for me, making two dresses so close together, to discover which pattern I enjoyed making more and which dress I enjoy wearing more!  (There are always favourites!)

So to refresh you on last week’s post, the “Day” part of my Challenge is made with New Look 6803 in this 100% rayon fabric.

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One step closer to the beach …

My sewing days are running out.  Soon my sister and I leave for Mexico.  As usual, I have a dozen ideas but only so much time – so at the top of the list, besides swimsuits, is cover ups.  I bought the fabric for two cover ups – one for my sister and one for me – last weekend.  My sister chose this print – full of black, brown and gold colours.  It’s called Tangiers Linen-look print, 97% polyester and 3% spandex.  It definitely has the quality of linen.  When I pre-washed both fabrics, this one lost at least a 1/4″ off the width with the unravelling and fraying.  I decided that I would have to be very careful finishing off the seams.

Did I make changes to this pattern, McCall’s M7200?  I added a few inches to the length and I made the back only one piece instead of the several they designed into the pattern.  This pattern has a pretty back with all those seams and a bit of a peplum, but I want my cover ups to be a plain style.  I ended up with only four pieces – front, back, collar and sleeve.  (My cover up will be the same, made of the beige fabric.)

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Indie Pattern Month and a 2nd “New to Me”

Ok it’s a re-run. Is it still a New-to-me if I have made it already?  I don’t care!  I just wanted to show you how much I really like this pattern from Teach Me Fashion, the two tone singlet!


This material was a polyester but it is so silky.  It was even a little slippery to handle.  I thought it would be perfect to use French seams.  For those of you not familiar with French seams, you first sew the seams together wrong but then they turn out soooo right, like this…


Then you fold the seam over, iron it…


And sew it again…


You end up with this…  (Never mind the double stitching here, I was being extra cautious!)


And this…



I love it!

I have read that sometimes sewist do this process exactly opposite, leaving the seam allowance “bump” on the outside to make a decorative seam.  I will have to try that some day.

And remember, there are four corners on this top, first sew all your corners to reinforce them, clip to the sewing, and then sew your two pieces together in a 90 degree angle.


Oops! Before I forget, here is the rear view of my new top!


I have run out of weekends in The Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern month, but I haven’t run out of Indie Patterns!  Two more to come, one from Dixie DIY and one from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick!

So… Stay tuned!