Just Speechless…  Tonight for DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER I have the pleasure of introducing the one and only Mads of Life in A “Mads” House.  Mads might have come to her design in a roundabout way but she has made a lovely copy of this designer dress by Elie Saab.


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It really is BLACK!

Honestly, why is BLACK so difficult to photograph?  It must just suck in all the light around it!  Anyway…

I have finished my 4th pair of pants, black ones, after spending extensive time with the muslin and making three pairs after that.  I thought my blue pair was my favourite – best fitting and lovely fabric.  Those were made with Horizon Suiting, 100% polyester.  (I actually managed to find and buy more Horizon Suiting in a Navy Blue colour.  Whoopie!)  I think these black pants have taken their place though.  Although in trying to photograph the black, that might not come across!

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In a panic for pants (trousers)!

Hello again!  Here I am!  The real thing!

My RTW Fast year is close to ending and I am still filling in the gaps in my handmade wardrobe.  There is still time left to sew up some pants for myself though – I would love to have a pair of black, blue and brown pants suitable for work.

So to recap… You’ve seen my pattern, Vogue V2948.  It has princess seams front and back and a curved waistband.  It is fantastic for alterations…

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A Sewaholic Hollyburn… and the Evils of having a Fabric Stash!

It’s Indie Pattern Month at the Monthly Stitch.  As is my tradition, this is the month that I dive into the Indie Patterns that I have collected over the last year.  I have always wanted to try Sewaholic’s Hollyburn skirt but was always looking for the right fabric.  Me Made May showed me that I do not have a solid red skirt and I have so many tops I could wear with one, so I decided to put the two ideas together. Continue reading

I (heart) RED!!

The Monthly Stitch Challenge in February was “Miss Bossy” telling us what solid colour we must sew up.  Miss Bossy’s commands for me were:  yellow (which makes me look like the walking dead!), blue (which I love), or RED (which I really love).  So lucky me, Miss Bossy was surprisingly kind and told me I had to sew up RED in February!

The MAGAM Challenge in February was to “Frankenpattern” something for yourself!  Again, lucky me, I have had the perfect Frankenpattern idea in sitting in my pretty little head for a while now.

I wanted another knit cardigan like my blue one posted here, but I wanted it in RED (using my crepe knit in my stash) and I wanted to use view E and D of my Butterick B5789 pattern, specifically I wanted to use one side front of view E and one side front of view D.

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

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